0-0 in Hartberg: Austria lost the last chance


Hartberg left the violets largely in control of the game, but hardly allowed anything. Conversely, Hartberg was denied a goal. Austria defender Borkovic undermined his own goalie Pentz in a corner kick, Rotter pushed the ball over the line. Schüttengruber did not give the goal, he located a foul on Borkovic.

After the break, Austria pushed the pace, but could not cause great danger in the penalty area until the end. How do you want to score goals if you don’t find a chance? Time was running out. And Hartbergs Rep in a counterattack of the Austria defense, goalkeeper Pentz parried and kept the Viennese in the race. The final whistle sounded at 10:19 p.m. He left the Austrians stunned and helpless, while the Hartbergers celebrated their biggest success in club history with their first 0-0 this season.

Violet worries about the future

Austria is now well advised to look ahead, because the hurdles that need to be overcome soon are all too diverse. The violets can no longer afford more months without income, making the contract with a strategic partner, i.e. investor, all the more important.

Most recently there was talk of an Arab consortium that would like to acquire up to 49 percent of Austria for ten million euros. From the club environment it was heard that the consortium was not an Arab one, and the number should also not be exact. According to AG board member Markus Kraetschmer, one is not yet on the home straight towards the signature. There are still a few questions to be clarified, such as the right to have a say in sporting and economic matters.


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