Accident on a farm: Father runs over a year-old son with a car


In the Wesel district of North Rhine-Westphalia, the police reported a tragic accident: a 26-year-old father maneuvered with a van on a farm in Hamminkeln and overlooked his one-year-old son.
The child died on Saturday morning at the scene of the accident, the police said. The relatives were looked after by emergency ministers. The further circumstances were initially unclear, the investigation continued.

A similar case had already occurred in Velbert at the end of May 2020 when a family wanted to visit a park. According to the Mettmann district police, the 24-year-old father initially stopped at the entrance, but then wanted to park the car. When he reset, he apparently overlooked his three-year-old daughter, who had already left the car.

The girl was thrown from the car to the ground and rolled over by a wheel. He died of serious injuries in the hospital shortly afterwards.
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