Anne Wunsch: Fear of death on a boat trip in Croatia


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This vacation should mean pure relaxation: Together with her husband Karim and her two daughters Miley (6) and Juna (4), Anne Wunsch has been traveling through Croatia for a few days.

In addition to spending a lot of time at the pool and in the sun, the family has also planned a few adventures. Including a boat trip to a small island. The family had no idea in advance that this would turn into a horror trip after a few hours …

Anne Wunsch: Boat trip in Croatia ends in horror trip

The first few hours on board the boat were actually “beautiful”, as Anne Wunsch later tells in her Instagram story. This was reported first by “RTL”.

Then suddenly there was a thunderstorm. In no time, the relaxed excursion almost turned into a horror trip. So bad that Anne was even scared to death in the meantime.

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“I’ve been on a boat many times, but I’ve never had a tour like today,” Anne admits.

“Suddenly the thunderstorm started, there was a storm. Huge waves came ”, Anne describes the experience. “The boat shook so badly because of these huge waves,” said Anne.

Anne wishes: “Thought: that’s it now.”

When they approached the island, Anne had even considered how she could save her children in the event of a disaster. “There was a moment on that boat when I thought that was it,” she admits.

The trip was at least as terrible for her daughters as for herself, says Anne.

In the meantime, Juna cried bitterly. She, Anne, had tears in her eyes too.

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The six-year-old Miley, on the other hand, remained fairly calm. “Miley tried to stay cool, I’m really proud,” enthuses Anne about her daughter.

In retrospect, the family’s turbulent boat trip will remain in the head as an anecdote for a long time. Nevertheless, the “Berlin Day and Night” star admits that “she has never been so happy to be off the boat”.

Who is Anne Wishes?

Anne Wunsch is a German actress and Youtuber. She became known as an actress in the reality TV show “Berlin Tag und Nacht” in 2011. There she embodied the figure of Hanna Fischer.

In 2013 she left the series due to her pregnancy. After returning to the series in the meantime, she left the soap again in 2015 because of her second pregnancy. The 28-year-old currently has around 835,000 followers on Instagram (as of July 20, 2020). (ta)


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