Bub spends $ 20,000 on his mother’s credit card


For streamers

Because he was a big fan of famous “Fortnite” streamers, a teenager donated them $ 20,000. These were his mother’s savings in recent years.

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A teenager donated $ 20,000 to Twitch streamers.


The money was from his mother, who had loaned him the credit card.

The money was from his mother, who had loaned him the credit card.

Since the boy is a big

Since the boy is a big “Fortnite” fan, he donated the money to big “Fortnite” streamers.

  • A teenager spent $ 20,000 on his mother’s credit card.
  • He gave these away to famous “Fortnite” streamers.
  • The mother knew nothing about it and fell out of the clouds when she saw her account statement.
  • Now the woman is trying to get the money back.

A minor “Fortnite” fan donated a total of $ 20,000 to well-known streamers whom he watched while playing. It cannot be said that they are dependent on such large donations. The boy stole the money from his mother’s account. When she noticed the loss of the money, she fell out of the clouds, because it was all her savings from the past few years.

As a result, the woman tried to write to the streaming platform Twitch, but has so far received no response. In desperation, she posted her request on Reddit and asked for help if anyone knew of a way to get her money back. She almost fainted when she saw the bank statements and realized how much money her son had given away, she writes. Her son tricked her. He should have bought food with the credit card, but transferred money to his own account.

Money is gone

The woman will probably never see most of the money again. The bank could only reverse the transfer if the mother reported her own son. Twitch has also not yet responded to the mother’s request. Fortunately, two streamers returned their share of the money.

The mother was devastated and said that she had not had enough time to control her son. Now she wants to find out why her son has spent so much money so that there are no more nasty surprises in the future.

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