BVB sports director Zorc counters Paris Saint-Germain allegations: “error”


The exchange of blows continues: After criticism of German clubs by the sports director of Paris Saint-Germain, Dortmund’s sports director Michael Zorc comments – and paints a completely different picture of the situation.

The dispute between Borussia Dortmund and the French soccer champion Paris Saint-Germain goes into the next round. The head of Paris sports director Leonardo, that German clubs, “especially Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund”, dredging more and more young players from France and a threat to the youth academy in France, rejected Dortmund sports director Michael Zorc.

“I don’t usually comment on it when other clubs speak out in public. Since we are mentioned directly in this case, I have to say that Leonardo is obviously wrong. It is usually the other way around than he is it represents, “said 57-year-old Zorc of Saturday’s” picture “.

Zorc: We have better development potential

Rather, the BVB “would be actively addressed by the families and consultants from France, since they often see a better permeability and a higher development potential of our talents.” Leonardo had previously said in the French daily “Le Parisien”: “You call parents, friends, family members or the player yourself. At 15 or 16 years old, the young talents get their heads turned.”

Leipzig sports director Markus Krösche did not want to comment on Leonardo’s statements. “France is the reigning world champion and like Germany a football nation. It would therefore be negligent not to keep an eye on the market,” he told “Bild”.

The exchange of blows was triggered by statements in a dpa interview by BVB newcomer Thomas Meunier. The 28-year-old Belgian accused Leonardo of not having tried to reach an agreement with BVB. Paris also suffers from “loss of reality”. Leonardo had rejected this sharply and rather targeted the BVB and the other Bundesliga clubs.


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