Carl Philip & Sofia from Sweden: Tightly pressed to the side: she wanted to hide that from the cameras


Carl Philip and Sofia from Sweden did not miss the opportunity to attend the Victoria Day. There was an amusing scene.

Without her parents and sister, Victoria of Sweden had to celebrate her 43rd birthday (July 14th). But her brother Carl Philip (41) and sister-in-law Sofia from Sweden (35) traveled to the island of Öland to take part in Victoria Day. The princess cut a great figure in her sophisticated dress and shone at her husband’s side. In the course of the evening, however, there was an amusing scene in which the couple was somewhat confused.

Check out the amusing moment of Carl Philip and Sofia in the video above. There you can also see what the princess was desperately trying to hide from the cameras.

Victoria of Sweden had to do without Prince Oscar

It is well known that everything does not always go according to plan with small children. Little Oscar (4) was supposed to celebrate a premiere on Mama Victoria’s birthday, but it turned out differently than planned.

Take a look at Oscar’s cute appearance in the video below and find out why his big premiere was a little different.

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