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The Wiener Neos set the course for the elections on October 11 at their meeting of the state members in Studio 44 on Saturday: As expected, the reigning club boss Christoph Wiederkehr was chosen as the top candidate of the pink party at the meeting. He received 88.1 percent of the votes cast. The further rankings on the list were also decided.

Wiederkehr prevailed in the selection process against two competitors who also fought for first place. Among them was the restaurateur Gert Kunze, head of the Cafe Eiles.

For the 30-year return, it is the first start as a top candidate in a state and municipal council election in Vienna. Instead of flowers, there was sweets for Wiederkehr after announcing the result, namely a giant pack of Manner wafers by Neos boss Beate Meinl-Reisinger.

“I want to shape Vienna”

In his acceptance speech, Wiederkehr was “overwhelmed”. Referring to the cohesion of the Neos team, he announced: “I go into this election with great confidence.” His motivation for the candidacy: “I love Vienna. I want to shape it.”

In his speech he also criticized political competition. The FPÖ, whose policies he described as “disgusting”, got off particularly badly. Team HC Strache was no better off either. He ruled out cooperation with both parties.

And there was also an announcement in the direction of the ÖVP: “I clearly exclude a coalition with the Blümel-ÖVP. Such a person (ÖVP-Vienna chairman Gernot Blümel, note) cannot do that.” He justified it with this: “The turquoises do business with fear, which I reject out of conviction. Blümel doesn’t care about Vienna, but abuses the city as an election campaign stage.”

Non-members also voted

The election procedure of the Neos differs from that of other parties. It consists of several levels: a public online area code, in which non-members can vote, a board proposal and a membership proposal by the voting members. Finally, the weighted points of all three voting processes are counted together. This then results in the election proposal of the Neos.

The last stage of the election process, the membership proposal, was climbed in Studio 44 today, Saturday. Around 1,000 members were entitled to vote – although only 100 people were actually present at the event due to the corona. The voting took place online.

65 candidates applied for a place on the list – this election is carried out separately from the top candidate free program. Here, too, there were few surprises in the result. In the first place were all those applicants who are already represented in the local council: Bettina Emmerling, Stefan Gara, Markus Ornig. Then follows Selma Arapovic, Dolores Bakos, Jörg Konrad, Thomas Weber, Angelika Pipal-Leixner and Karmin Rihan. (apa)


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