Corona: German specialist draws a bitter balance – “Had we known all of this beforehand …”


The Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus claimed thousands of lives worldwide. A German lung specialist now took a sobering look.

  • The corona virus * has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.
  • A Lung specialist took stock and said that more lives could have been saved.
  • One should “be aware of how fragile the situation is,” said the expert.
  • All current Corona news from Germany can be found here.

Darmstadt – The corona virus has caused a stir worldwide since the beginning of 2020. Thousands of people died Covid-19.

However, all possible levers of research * seem to be set in motion to find a vaccine and a drug. Now moved Cihan Celik,
Lung specialist of Darmstadt Clinic, a first assessment. He worked as the head of the Covid-19 isolation station.

Coronavirus: Doctor takes stock – “Would probably have been possible to save more lives”

Interview with „FOCUS Online“ the lung specialist said that it was Coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic, it was still considered “just a lung disease”. The focus of the treatment was therefore on the lungs and ventilation. As a result, patients “had to be intubated and artificially ventilated at a very early stage,” says Celik.

Today, however, one knows better. “Due to the immense amount of research, we have recognized that it is a systemic disease, the effects on other organ systems are more pronounced than with comparable diseases. […] If we had known all of this beforehand, it would probably have been possible to save even more lives. ”

A Learning process be normal in an exceptional situation like this and be part of it. Accordingly, the treatment strategies have been changed, the management of the clinic has improved massively since the beginning of the pandemic. “Of the Covid-19-Patient must be dealt with in an interdisciplinary manner and there are now precise guidelines for this, ”says the lung specialist.

Lung specialist takes stock: Greater corona risk for poorer social classes

According to Celik, it is also certain that “massive problems are being faced in the wake of the crisis intensive station would have gotten without Corona restrictions. A look at countries such as Spain, Italy or the United States in particular shows “what would have happened if politics had not reacted.”

The hospitals in Italy had to deal with an immense problem during the Corona high phase. (Icon image)

© dpa / Claudio Furlan

In the United States, however, the corona situation seems to be increasing. In California, restaurants, bars and cinemas are closing again.

Crowd doctor and second wave of coronavirus: “Be aware of how fragile the situation is”

To cause horror Germany also ever increasing crowds that can promote the spread of the corona virus. For example, a rubber dinghy party in Berlin, where thousands of people were crowded, caused a stir.

“It is understandable that people want to live their freedom again, and they should,” says Lung specialist Celik regarding larger crowds. He doesn’t want to condemn this in general, but everyone should “be aware of how fragile the current situation is.”

Instead of one second corona wave the doctor expects “with small individual hotspots”, as they had already existed in Gütersloh in connection with the Tönnies meat factory or in Euskirchen in connection with a Mennonite community *. “But of course you cannot predict this development with 100 percent accuracy either,” says Celik.

An analysis with data from Oxford University is heading ten countries towards a second corona wave – including Germany. Meanwhile, experts warn of extreme late sequelae – even with mild symptoms. (mbr) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital network



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