Corona guests provided incorrect names and addresses


Berlin. In the Berlin bar, where several guests are said to have contracted the corona virus, corona regulations have been disregarded, according to the Mitte district. “The restaurant must now face a fine,” said the district office on Thursday. A party rather than a normal restaurant operation is said to have taken place in the restaurant. The evening of July 10th in the “Mio” under the television tower is linked to ten known Corona cases, as the district announced on Wednesday.

The list with the contact details of the guests was “incomplete and incorrect”, sometimes guests had given wrong names and addresses, the district said. The guests would also not have adhered to the mask requirement off the tables.

District is looking for guests of the restaurant

How many people were there on the evening in question is unclear. “Around 1200 people fit into the premises and it is said to have been quite full that evening.” The district mayor of Mitte, Stephan von Dassel (Greens), spoke accordingly in the “Tagesspiegel”.


This is how the new Corona warning app works

The official Corona app was launched in Germany. It should contribute to the fight against Covid-19 and show users possible risks. © RND

According to the district, Berliners and people from other cities are among those infected. The area around the TV tower and Alexanderplatz is popular with tourists. Anyone who was inside or outside the restaurant between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. was asked to contact the Berlin Mitte health department or the relevant health department.

More controls arranged on party mile

Von Dassel announced increased controls by the regulatory and police departments on the district’s party area. In the event of violations, “fines in the maximum legally permissible amount” would be imposed.

“More and more frequently” in the district’s gastronomy the current rules would be “grossly disregarded”, von Dassel explained. He referred to RBB reports on “completely overcrowded places” along the Tor and Brunnenstrasse, in which the measures to contain the virus were often ignored.

District Mayor sends open letter

In an open letter to owners of bars, pubs and restaurants in Mitte, he called for the guests, without exception, to enforce the distance and hygiene rules that continue to apply in the corona pandemic and to consistently follow protective measures.

“Make sure that you only allow access to as many people as is currently permitted to comply with the distance rules. Make sure that your guests wear mouth and nose protection as soon as they are not in a fixed place, ”the letter said. “And please keep reliable contact lists so that all of your visitors can be informed when an infected person has been in your restaurant,” said von Dassel. “Please do not let it get so far that your company has to be sanctioned by the regulatory office and police for massive violations of the infection protection ordinance and ultimately closed.”

Many cases in Berlin at the beginning of the pandemic

Particularly at the beginning of the pandemic, there had been similar calls from Berlin districts for infections discovered among bar and club visitors. Dozens of other cases were discovered in this way. The clubs were closed due to the high risk of infection. Poorly ventilated interiors, in which many people stay without sufficient distance, speak or sing together loudly, are particularly problematic.

Infection numbers in Berlin are currently at a relatively low level. According to Tuesday evening’s announcement, 35 new cases were reported compared to the previous day.


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