Corona pandemic: United States report another shocking record among infected people


The corona virus continues to spread across the globe. The situation in the USA is particularly precarious. But the situation in other countries is also far from being under control.

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The number of corona infected people in the United States continues to rise sharply. On Friday, according to Johns Hopkins University, more than 70,000 new infections were registered within 24 hours for the second day in a row. Other countries are already struggling with a second wave of infections: In Spanish Catalonia, all discotheques have been closed due to the rapidly increasing number of infections. The highest increase in almost four months was registered in South Korea.

By Saturday noon, 15.8 million infections and 639,981 deaths had been registered worldwide, according to a count by the AFP news agency based on official information. The number of new infections per day on Thursday and Friday was the highest since the pandemic began, with over 280,000 each.

Over four million infections identified in the United States

With 74,000 new infections and 1,157 new fatalities, the number of identified infections in the US rose to 4.1 million by Friday evening, and the number of fatalities to more than 145,000. This puts the United States in first place among the hardest hit countries worldwide.

After a decline in early summer, the number of daily cases has risen sharply again, especially in states such as California, Texas and Florida.

In Spain, too, the number of infections skyrocketed almost a month after the strict curfews were lifted: on Friday, the authorities reported 280 new corona cases within 24 hours. This tripled the number within the past two weeks. Around half of the new cases were registered in Catalonia in northeastern Spain.

Catalonia closes discos and concert halls

Catalonia’s regional government therefore ordered the closure of all discotheques and concert halls with a dance floor. Since Saturday there is also a curfew at midnight for bars, restaurants, arcades and casinos. The stricter regulations initially apply for two weeks.

The Catalan regional government had already introduced strict exit restrictions for Barcelona and some suburbs a week ago. Around four million people are affected. New areas of infection have recently been reported in other areas of Spain. Since then, tightened mask requirements have applied in several regions, including the Balearic Islands.

In South Korea, which is repeatedly described as a role model in the fight against the coronavirus, the highest increase in new infections in almost four months was registered on Saturday. According to the authorities, 113 people were infected, 86 of whom had previously been abroad. This is the first time since April 1 that more than a hundred new cases have been registered within 24 hours.

More infections were registered in the Asian country only on March 31, when the authorities reported 125 new cases. The total number of infections recorded is now 14,092.

Vietnam reports first new infection in almost a hundred days

South Korea was one of the first countries in which the corona virus spread to China after its discovery. However, the authorities got the virus under control through an extensive program for case monitoring, testing and treatment of the infected, without having to resort to curfews.

In Vietnam, where the spread of the coronavirus has been curbed since late April thanks to quick and rigorous quarantine measures and intensive tracing of cases, authorities reported the first new infection in almost a hundred days. In the city of Danang, a 57-year-old man tested positive for the virus, the Ministry of Health said. His case is said to be the first local broadcast since April 16.

São Paulo postpones street carnival

Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, has meanwhile postponed the carnival for the next year indefinitely. The samba schools and the organizers of the street carnival knew that a carnival was not possible in February due to the corona pandemic, said Mayor Bruno Covas. The authorities in Rio de Janeiro with its world-famous carnival are also considering a move.

After the United States, Brazil is the country most affected by the corona pandemic. To date, more than 2.3 million infections have been detected in the South American country, and more than 85,000 Brazilians have died.


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