Corona vaccine: the world of Biontech


BTogether with its partner Pfizer, iontech has concluded a first delivery agreement for its corona vaccine candidate. The British have secured 30 million cans for an undisclosed amount.

The Mainz biotech entrepreneur and the American pharmaceutical company are thus following other companies in the industry. Biontech founder Ugur Sahin is quoted as saying that this agreement with Great Britain is part of Biontech’s commitment to counter the pandemic by providing global vaccine supply.

But how global is this approach really? One state has already secured capacity, and other governments say they are in advanced talks. The two companies have expressed interest in a possible delivery to a cross-vendor project by the private-public alliances Gavi and Cepi and the World Health Organization WHO.

There can be many reasons for the fact that no supply agreement has yet been reached with them. However, it should not be forgotten that Pfizer is a global player and that Biontech has been listed on the stock exchange for almost a year and is therefore committed to all of its shareholders.


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