Dash Cart: Amazon presents shopping carts with built-in scanner


Amazon has launched its Dash Cart shopping cart. The dash cart has built-in weight sensors and a barcode scanner; Customers of a supermarket can scan the desired goods directly on the car and put them in there. You no longer have to checkout at the end of the purchase – the entered products are automatically paid for via a user account.


  1. HiScout GmbH, Berlin
  2. ALDI SÜD Dienstleistungs-GmbH & Co. oHG, Mülheim an der Ruhr

With the Dash Cart, Amazon puts the concept of its Amazon Go supermarkets in a shopping cart that could be used in any normal supermarket. Amazon Go makes it possible to put goods from the shelf directly into your own shopping bag; Cameras and sensors record the product and automatically put it on the invoice.

With the dash cart, shopping people have to scan the goods themselves, but there is no complex camera and sensor technology in the shop itself. The scanned products can be viewed on a display on the cart. Amazon plans to use the trolleys in a proposed new supermarket in Woodlands Hill, California. This market is said to operate outside of the whole food chain that Amazon acquired a few years ago.

Dash Cart could also be interesting because of the corona pandemic

According to Cnet, Amazon wants to use the dash cart to introduce new technologies that will save customers time without having to get used to it. Shopping with the dash cart could be tempting for people who don’t feel like standing in line at a checkout. Against the background of the current corona pandemic, shopping without the need to queue up could be helpful.

According to Cnet, Amazon has declined to comment on whether the dash cart will be sold to other grocers.

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