“Don’t hit my sister!”: Ex-sister-in-law places a heavy burden on Johnny Depp


So far, all witnesses have testified for him in the litigation between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. But now the sister of the “Aquaman” actress comes on the witness stand. Whitney Henríquez heavily charges her former brother-in-law and reports of his outbursts of violence.
In Johnny Depp’s defamation process, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star and his ex-wife Amber Heard accuse each other of domestic violence. Friends and former employees have so far exonerated the 57-year-old from the Supreme Court in London and raised allegations against the actress. However, she received support from her younger sister Whitney Henríquez, who came on the witness stand on Thursday, the 13th day of the trial.

Her relationship with Johnny Depp was initially intimate, he was “like a brother” to her and called her “sister”, said Henríquez. At the same time, however, she confirmed her written statement that she felt “very uncomfortable” when she learned in 2013 that her sister Depp would marry. The relationship between the two was “turbulent” from the beginning, she is quoted by the British “Daily Mail” among others. She noticed signs of physical abuse, such as bruising and cuts, at Heard early in the relationship.

“I told her that it was a bad idea and asked her not to pull it off and finish it as it wasn’t going to get any better,” the 31-year-old said that she had talked to Amber Heard. She had spoken to her sister several times about the abuse, but she “always found an excuse” for it. Depp had also asked her about this, who is said to have either denied the outbreaks of violence or requested proof of this.

“Don’t hit my sister”

Henríquez also spoke of an argument between the couple in March 2015. She noticed this because she lived near the two in one of Depp’s apartments in Los Angeles rent-free. Henríquez is said to have stepped in when Depp pulled her sister’s hair. Then she packed Depp so that she was afraid of falling down the stairs. Heard helped her by saying to the 57-year-old: “Don’t hit my sister” and also became palpable towards Depp in her defense. The next morning she found the apartment completely destroyed, Depp had thrown all of Heard’s clothing and possessions on the floor, said Henríquez.

In addition, she had seen several times how Depp insulted his 34-year-old wife and said in the same sentence “with the same level of passion” how much he loved her. He said things like, “Fuck you, ugly cunt, you fat whore … but God, how much I love you!”

The lawsuit in London involves an article in the British daily newspaper “The Sun” from 2018. Depp, 57, is suing the parent company News Group Newspapers and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Dan Wootton, for $ 50 million. The article claimed that Depp was a “wife thug”. Wootton referred to a number of Heard’s statements about Depp’s violent behavior. “Aquaman” actress Heard is questioned in the trial on 14 allegations of domestic violence on which the “The Sun” editor-in-chief bases his defense of the said article. Depp all denies the allegations made against him.

The previous witnesses in the trial have relieved Depp of their statements. Instead, allegations were repeatedly made against Heard: For example, the actress’s former personal assistant accused Heard of alleging that she had suffered rape as her own. A long-time friend of Depp testified that Heard forged photos to fake injuries and “blackmail” Depp during the divorce. Two of Depp’s former partners, US actress Winona Ryder and French singer Vanessa Paradis, said they had never experienced him violent.


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