Everyone wants Union goalkeeper Sebastian Andersson – BZ Berlin


Guesswork for Union striker Sebastian Andersson (29)! Will he stay, will he go to Schalke or will he even go abroad?

So far, everyone thought that the attacker would storm into Bundesliga competitor Schalke. But when haggling, the clammy Pott Club (EUR 197 million liabilities) suddenly gets even more international competition, according to BZ information. In addition to Scotland’s champions Celtic Glasgow and Premier League club FC Watford, a Champions League club from France is said to be on Sweden.

Namely Lille, the club of ex-Bayern star Renato Sanches (22) is hot and has money. Around EUR 15 million will flow from UEFA to northern France for the premier class qualification. And striker star Victor Oshimen (21) is said to be on the verge of a mega transfer to Naples. Transfer fee: 60 million euros!

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Means: The mini exit clause for Andersson (around 5 million euros) could easily pay Lille …

But: Andersson (contract until 2022) feels incredibly comfortable in Germany and does not necessarily have to go abroad. The first talks between Union Manager Oliver Ruhnert (47) and Schalke Sports Director Jochen Schneider (49) are said to have already taken place.

Glasgow, Lille, Watford, Schalke or Union – Andersson has a free choice.


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