Facebook links Trump’s post with postal voting information


Against the postal vote: If it were up to Trump, all voters should vote in person despite Corona.
Bild: AP

It could be the most corrupt choice in history: Trump is once again railing against the possibility of postal voting on social networks. Now Facebook has added a link with official information.

Facebook has linked a post by American President Donald Trump to the official election regulations on postal voting. It is the most recent such link since the social network, after massive criticism last week, began adding additional information to Trump and his democratic rival Joe Biden’s contributions to the campaign. The company did not comment on the process on Tuesday.

Trump wrote in the post: “If the courts do not change them, postal voting will lead to the CORRUPTEST CHOICE in our country’s history!” Postal voting is not uncommon in the United States, with nearly one in four voters voting this way in the recent 2016 presidential election. According to experts, this form of election is safe in America. The Facebook link does not address the content of Trump’s contribution, but redirects users to a government website.

Trump also posted the post on Twitter. There he was not given a warning. The company said it did not violate company rules. In the past, the short message service had provided Trump’s contribution to the postal vote with additional information. Trump rejects a postal vote despite the ongoing corona pandemic. He repeatedly announced that a postal vote would manipulate the results. So far, he has not provided concrete evidence of this.


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