FCS: New sports director gets started: Luginger is already talking about the 2nd division – Saarland


After 2506 long days, Jürgen Luginger (52) returns to 1.FC Saarbrücken after he was dismissed as a coach on 5 September 2013 after a 2: 3 win against Heidenheim.

Now the former FC Homburg coach is swapping tracksuits for executive chairs.

Sport director Luginger says with a laugh: “But I also look pretty good in a suit and tie.”

Now he wants to continue the good work of his predecessor Marcus Mann (36), met directly with trainer Lukas Kwasniok (39) yesterday after his introduction to plan the future.

Luginger (signed until 2023) has big goals: “We know how brutal this league is. There is no top and no bottom. But we as 1. FC Saarbrücken can and must approach the matter confidently, because in the medium term the goal is of course second division. No club wants to play in the third division for ten years. ”

Verstehen sich prächtig: Luginger und FCS-Vize Dieter FernerPhoto: Andreas Schlichter

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Understand each other perfectly: Luginger and FCS Vice Dieter FernerPhoto: Andreas Schlichter

Luginger is already talking about 2nd division – and thus meets the taste of his presidium. Vice-President Dieter Ferner (71) understands this at least with the following sentences: “There were a number of applications, the most extensive from South Africa. This shows that the club is not quite so uninteresting with its perspective … ”

And Luginger is not a blank slate as sports director: “I’ve already done that in Oberhausen. Now I am simply looking forward to taking on this task, bringing in ideas, creating and influencing structures. ”

Luginger didn’t have to think long when the offer came.

Furthermore: “I called him, we sat down on Sunday and set the first general conditions.”

Luginger explains: “On Tuesday I sat down with those responsible at FC Homburg, whom I also have to thank again. On Wednesday I canceled my contract there.”

Like his predecessor Mann, Luginger will also sit on the bench at games. So far, he has only been able to say goodbye to his former team.

Luginger: “It was not easy, but I will do it in the next few days. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case in this business … “


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