Federal attorney Michael Lauber offers resignation


Michael Lauber, the acting federal prosecutor, offers the judicial commission his resignation. Image: KEYSTONE

Lauber offers resignation – Court confirms “serious breach of official duty”

Federal attorney Michael Lauber offers his resignation. He wrote this in a communication on a judgment of the Federal Administrative Court.

The controversial Swiss Federal attorney Michael Lauber has offered his resignation to the responsible judicial commission. He thus precedes the impeachment procedure of the federal parliament. Lauber announced his decision to resign on Friday in a “personal statement” in which he responded to a not yet published judgment by the Federal Administrative Court.

“I respect the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court. I still reject the allegation of the lie in all form, »writes Lauber. If you didn’t believe him as a federal prosecutor, it would harm the prosecutor’s office. That is why he offers to resign “in the interest of the institutions”. He will discuss concrete modalities directly with the judicial commission.

Court reduces wage cut

In March, the responsible supervisory authority announced that Lauber had violated various official duties. She therefore wants to cut his wages by eight percent for one year. Lauber filed a complaint against this decision with the Federal Administrative Court.

The Federal Administrative Court now confirmed some of the allegations – but reduced the sanction. According to the judgment, Lauber has to forego five percent of his wages. The court confirmed the multiple disregard of the proxy regulation and the related violation of the code of conduct adopted by the Federal Prosecutor himself.

Breach of duty “grossly negligent” violated

In this case, Lauber should have left the deputy federal prosecutors both to issue testimony authorizations for his employees and to regulate the legal costs incurred by them and himself. The Federal Administrative Court writes that the Federal Prosecutor was “undoubtedly in conflict of interest” on this point and also in the decision to hand over documents to the investigating authority. The breach of the obligation to pay outstanding is “grossly negligent” in four cases.

The judicial commission of the Federal Parliament decided in May that it would initiate impeachment proceedings against Lauber on suspicion of a serious breach of duty.

National Councilor Matthias Aebischer, a member of the judicial commission, says that he welcomes Lauber’s decision to resign. «He said he would resign if the verdict against him came to an end. So I’m pleased that Mr. Lauber kept his word, ”says Aebischer on request. However, he emphasizes that this is not the end of it and refers to reforms in the federal prosecutor’s office that are in progress.

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