“Goodbye Germany” -Jenny Matthias: Sad farewell


Difficult times for Jenny Matthias

Things definitely went better for Jenny Matthias: almost two years after the death of ex-boyfriend Jens Büchner, who was also the father of her ten-year-old son Leon is, had to cope with it Corona-Krise the life of the 33-year-old again completely upside down.

As a short preview clip of today’s episode of “Goodbye Germany” (July 20th) shows, the single mother couldn’t open her boutique in Mallorca as planned at the beginning of the season, which unfortunately not just financial consequences for the emigrant.

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Sad goodbye to “Goodbye Germany”

As a consequence of the Corona crisis, Jenny Matthias now has to take farewell – and of all things from her best friend Elke! The 33-year-old can no longer afford to pay Elke, who also worked in her boutique, and without the salary she can no longer stay in Mallorca. A sad farewell for Jenny, but also for her son Leon, for whom Elke is like a replacement grandma.

For me a world has collapsed

admits the “Goodbye Germany” actress in tears.

For her, be Elke “a piece of family”, which makes the separation of the more difficult. Nevertheless, Jenny Matthias can understand Elke’s decision to leave Mallorca: “I can understand it. I understand it, but it hurts so much. “

How things will go for Jennifer Matthias in this difficult time can be seen tonight, at 9:10 p.m. at “Goodbye Germany” on VOX or at any time on TVNOW.


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