Harry and Meghan too popular ?: This is how the Royals allegedly came about


Was Harry and Meghan too popular as a glamorous dream couple for the British royal family? In any case, her break with the Royals was a shock, not only for the Queen and Co. How it came about is still controversial. The authors of a new book now claim to know what was behind the decision.
“I don’t need that film moment where we step out of a car and wave to hundreds of photographers before we enter a building.” Prince Harry is said to have lost these words to friends, according to the accounts of journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand in the new book “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Royal Family”. The first extracts from it, which should show how broken the relationship between Harry and Meghan to the British royal court, have now been published in the “Times”.

In January 2020, the couple announced they would turn their backs on the royal family. Then on April 1st it was ready. But what had Harry and Meghan done to it? Mainly frustration, according to the reports. The two are said to have been disappointed with how they were treated by the royal family and the court staff.

“Abandoned whole life for this family”

According to journalists who are among the couple’s supporters, Harry and Meghan would have brought the monarchy to “new heights around the world”. However, they were not thanked for this. Instead, they should have been put back and were “pushed into the background” by high-ranking royals such as Prince Charles or Prince William. The couple were not allowed to outshine the rest of the family with their popularity, “The Sun” quotes a passage from the published chapters.

There is also talk of power struggles and distrust among the members of the royal family. According to the “Daily Mail”, which also took up the reports, Harry had always felt that the palace officials “simply did not like Meghan and would not shy away from anything to make her life difficult”. The 38-year-old had clearly felt the lack of support in the palace. The book quotes her: “I gave up my whole life for this family. I was ready to do whatever was necessary. But now we are here. It is very sad.”

Harry and Meghan have not made an official contribution to the book, which will be published on August 11th. The reports that Scobie and Durand wrote down are only based on statements from friends and acquaintances of the couple.


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