Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy announced as expansion


Blizzard announced on Tuesday (July 14th) a new expansion for Hearthstone with Scholomance Academy and released updates for the battlefield.

The Scholomance Academy is known to World of WarCraft players as the main base of the cult of the damned and training place for necromancers, as a dungeon the school for dark magic has MMO cult status. Scholomance is now coming to Hearthstone, the academy will lend its name to the upcoming expansion. With the add-on, new cards appear, which can be used by two classes, the new keyword “magic boost” and other content. A full list, including the cards previously announced, can be found on the Hearthstone website.

The release date has not yet been announced, but pre-orders are received in the typical Blizzard tradition substantial bonuses: A new card back beckons as well as access to the premium “Battleground Perks”, four arena tickets, a guaranteed legendary card, 80 card packs and five gold card packs from the expansion. This should make it possible to assemble powerful decks as icing on the cake the included Kel’Thuzad skin for the magician class.

Battlefield mode: changes in patch 17.6

In addition, a new patch will be played on the servers on Tuesday. Blizzard announced the balance adjustments it contained in advance, but they were newly unveiled Updates for the popular Battlefield mode of the card game. With Tess, gray mane will keep up new hero Entry: Although it will only be released to everyone on July 28, players with “Battleground Perks” can already access it and try it out.

New hero

  • Tess gray mane
    • Bob’s theft (cost: 1): Updates Bob’s tavern with servants from your last opponent’s genus.

Returning heroes

  • König Mukla
    • Bananarama (cost: 1): Get two bananas, at the end of the round everyone else gets one.
  • Brann the Dino Tamer
    • Battle Burn (cost: 1): Updates Bob’s Tavern with Battlecry servants.

Custom heroes

  • Aranna star seeker
    • Demon Hunter Training (Passive): After you have updated the inn five times, Bob always offers seven servants (previously had to be updated seven times).
  • Captain Shark Tooth
    • Scrap Against Treasures: Removes a friendly servant, discovers a random servant from the previous inn level (previously: servant could be selected).

New servant

  • Amalgadon (Level 6, all types, 6 attack, 6 health)
    • Battle Cry: Randomly adapts for each of your servant types.

Custom servant

  • Goldrinn, the big wolf: Level 6 (previously: Level 5)


  • Pirates are no longer guaranteed to appear as servants in every battlefield game.


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