Jennifer Aniston warns of coronavirus with shock photo: “This is real”


“Covid is real,” warns Jennifer Aniston. The “Friends” star wants to draw attention to the corona pandemic with a photo of a friend. Your fans are shocked by the post.

With the sitcom “Friends” she made millions of people laugh. Now, however, the laughter has passed: Jennifer Aniston wants to make her fans aware of the topic of Corona with an haunting Instagram post. To achieve this, she publishes a picture of a man who is in the hospital. It is a friend of the 51-year-old.

“This is Covid. This is real.”

In the photo you can see a patient who is connected to a series of devices and is ventilated through a tube. “This is our friend Kevin,” she writes under the picture. “Our” refers to her and “Friends” co-star Courteney Cox, who can be seen in a second picture within the post. Both wear breathing masks.

“In the best of health, not an undetected health problem. This is Covid. This is real,” the image continues. Aniston warns that people are naive and don’t take Corona seriously enough. “If we want that to stop – and we want it, right? – there is only one way: we wear a mask.”

She wants her fans to think and think about what is best for themselves, but also for their families. “Covid affects all ages,” she says. At the end of the post, Jennifer Aniston states that her friend Kevin’s picture was taken in April. He is now feeling better and is “almost healthy”.

Celebrities agree with Jennifer Aniston

“Wearing a mask is so easy,” commented actress Rita Wilson in the post. Supermodel Michelle Pfeiffer also comments: “I am amazed that it is so difficult for some to wear a mask.” Model Chiara Ferragni thanks Aniston for raising awareness.

Fans also recognize the seriousness. “We have to wear masks,” agrees one user. “I’m sorry for you. Everyone is wearing a mask, it’s so easy,” said another. “I send you a lot of love. People, wear a mask,” comments another user.

Jennifer Aniston has been making use of breathing masks on social media for days. She herself posted a picture a few days ago, which shows her with a black breathing mask. “I understand that masks are unusual and uncomfortable,” she wrote at the time, drawing attention to the consequences of people not wearing respiratory protection.


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