Kim Kardashian is “pretty angry” after Kanye West’s campaign appearance


Kanye West has trouble with his wife after his first campaign appearance. Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem to like the rapper’s performance. The statements about her daughter in particular “shocked” the Realiy Queen.

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Kanye West’s first campaign appearance didn’t go down well with everyone. His wife, in particular, is very upset with statements made by the rapper in front of an audience. According to media reports, Kim Kardashian is extremely upset that Kanye trumpeted that he was considering abortion before the birth of his first daughter.

“Kim is shocked that Kanye spoke about North at his rally,” someone said to the US portal “People”. She was “pretty angry” that he had shared something so private with the audience, it says. The 39-year-old is very concerned about the impact this disclosure could have on her four children. In addition to seven-year-old North, the couple also have four-year-old Saint, two-year-old Chicago, and one-year-old Psalm.

At the campaign event of his self-proclaimed “Birthday Party” in Charleston, South Carolina, Kanye West said: “Even though my wife wants to divorce me after this speech, she gave birth to North, even if I didn’t want to. You protected this child. ” He is also said to have said, “I almost killed my daughter!” Before shouting, “I love my daughter!”

Your marriage suffers from his behavior

A second source also revealed to “People” that the couple’s marriage would have suffered given their behavior and statements in recent months. “Their relationship was seriously damaged and it happened pretty suddenly,” the magazine quotes someone around the couple.

Meanwhile, the US celebrity portal “TMZ” reports that the Kardashians and some friends of the rapper are seriously concerned about his mental health. It is even claimed that the rapper desperately needs “professional help” and is currently experiencing a manic episode. Kanye West has spoken openly about his bipolar disorder in the past.

“Kim tried to get me instructed”

On Monday, Kanye West then tweeted wildly. “Kim tried to get me instructed,” he wrote, for example. Then the rapper went into more detail. “Kim tried to fly to Wyoming with a doctor and wanted to be briefed, like in the film ‘Get Out’, because I cried yesterday because I saved my daughter’s life,” the rapper continued.

Kanye West had announced in early July that she wanted to run for president. “We must now recognize America’s promise by trusting God, uniting our vision, and building our future. I am running for president of the United States,” he said on Twitter. For this he set the hashtag “# 2020VISION”.


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