Kucher: Public outcry prevented HIV funding from being cut


Without a solution for cash registers, further benefits may be cut

Vienna (OTS / SK) “I am glad that the public outcry has led to the fact that the black-blue planned cancellation of HIV prevention funds in the umbrella organization of social security was canceled at the last second,” said SPÖ health spokesman Philip Kucher on Tuesday. Kucher repeated his call for the funds earmarked for this to be doubled, since every euro invested in education not only prevents human suffering, but also pays off economically through saved follow-up costs. ****

“This story about AIDS helps shows how justified our warnings were. This time we were able to prevent worse things for the patients, but as long as there is no solution for the health insurers, the black and blue majorities in social security threaten further attacks on the entitlements of the employees. This does not serve the health system and certainly not the patients. We will continue to be vigilant, ”concluded the SPÖ health spokesman. (Conclusion) PP / ls

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