Maria Enzersdorf: fire brigade saves hangovers from a tilted window – Austria


Hangover “Luffy” was saved by the Floriani disciples from his plight in a tilted window
©FF Maria Enzersdorf/LAura Martin

Animal rescue operation for the Maria Enzersdorf volunteer fire brigade: A hangover had been caught in a tilted window on Monday and could not be released without professional help.

July 13th turned out to be a bad day for cat “Luffy” when he got stuck in the middle of a body in a tilted window. Since the owner could not free him on her own, she immediately called the fire brigade emergency service to get her four-legged friend quick help.

Fire service to rescue hangover Luffy

Within a very short time, three vehicles were able to move to the stilt house on Ottensteinstrasse. Fortunately, the window in which Luffy was stuck lay directly on the balcony, so that members of the Maria Enzersdorf volunteer fire department could work from both sides.

Thus, the window could be opened by hand as far as possible and the cat could be passed outside into the arms of a comrade. The emergency services handed over the four-legged friend to the concerned owner, who was already preparing his transport to a veterinary clinic for inspection.

After less than 20 minutes, the members of the Maria Enzersdorf volunteer fire brigade were able to move back into the fire station and end the mission.


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