Mattersburg balance sheet scandal: trigger for many subsequent “catastrophes”


Updated July 16, 2020, 1:09 p.m.

Many of those affected have no idea how to proceed. A balance sheet scandal of several hundred million euros shook the commercial bank Mattersburg and the small town in Burgenland. Now even continued operation was prohibited.

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The balance sheet scandal surrounding the commercial bank Mattersburg has also caused horror in the municipality. “I was just as shocked as many others. It is a human disaster for many individuals and companies,” Mayor Ingrid Salamon (SPÖ) said in an APA interview on Thursday. The municipality does not expect any financial damage, one has to wait for the town hall project.

Many of those affected had already contacted the municipality to inquire about how to proceed, Salamon said. They were given information and referred to the country’s initiatives. On the district council of Mattersburg, affected bank customers can, for example, get advice from employees in debt counseling, consumer protection and the banking ombudsman.

Municipal community is probably without damage from the scandal

The municipality itself does not expect any financial damage from the accounting scandal. “We have no company with the bank,” said Salamon. Although there are accounts and the bank was responsible for the renovation project at the town hall, “no sums have flowed into the town hall yet,” said the mayor.

How the project will now proceed is still unclear at the moment. To do this, one must first wait for the investigation. “Then we can see how to move it forward,” said Salamon. In any case, the “human disappointment” is great. “This is a terrible incident. Nobody expected it,” said the mayor.


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