McDonald’s in Hohenems is being built from scratch – Hohenems


The McDonald’s in Hohenems is to be built from scratch.
©Ferdl Tschabrun

Hohenems – An investor company around the project developer ZIMA wants to build a modern, two-storey building by early summer 2021.

By Günther Bitschnau (wpa)

The Mc Donald’s restaurant building in Hohenems is to be completely demolished in the coming months and subsequently rebuilt. Elmar Girardi from the project and investor company behind it, in the environment of the real estate and project developer ZIMA, confirmed wpa information in this regard. “The house is already getting old and we have decided that a relaunch does not make sense. That is why we are going to build a new building because the requirements of the guests have changed over the years,” said Girardi.

Four million euros will be invested

The administrative proceedings are currently underway, and a corresponding application for approval has been submitted to BH Dornbirn. At best, the demolition work could begin in late autumn 2020. The opening of the new Mc Donald’s restaurant is then planned for spring 2021. “We expected a construction period of five months.” Girardi puts the investment volume at around four million euros.

Two-story building

The new building is to be around 35 meters long, 14 meters wide and 8.3 meters high. In addition, it will be built on two floors. The kitchen, sales, administration areas and storage on the ground floor and administration areas, toilet facilities, social rooms and adjoining rooms are planned on the upper floor. There is also an outdoor dining area and play equipment. There will also be a drive-in again. The new restaurant is said to be open around the clock.



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