Meghan to old glory? Royal expert has doubts: “No glamorous appearance”


Meghan and Harry, the great benefactors? A nobility expert has his doubts. Image: / PPE via


With one mistake, Meghan ruined her reputation at the court

First the announcement of the “Megxit”, then the execution, moving to Canada, later to Los Angeles and besides all this hustle and bustle also two new disclosure books. Clearly: For Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry things are not going well at the moment. In public, all of their steps are eyed with suspicion. Books such as “Royals at War” or “The real story” provide additional explosives and underpin the picture, which many British people in particular had long won from the Duchess of Sussex. Namely, that of an attention-seeking, “glorious” person who is increasingly occupying the prince.

Only those involved know whether this picture actually corresponds to reality. But the accusations do not seem to be completely out of thin air. “There is of course a grain of truth in every revelation book. Because I have worked on revelation books myself, I know that a lot can be right, but not everything”, the TV nobility expert Jürgen Worlitz told watson.

Royal expert does not see Meghan as a great actress

Worlitz was not able to get the best impression from Meghan either. He also believes that the former “Suits” actress is primarily after fame and on top of that is not a particularly “glamorous appearance”. But Harry made mistakes in his eyes too. Jürgen Worlitz explains in an interview with watson what exactly and what the couple’s chances of polishing up their image are.

How do you rate Meghan’s latest appearances and their transformation? Is Meghan optically turning away from the royal family?

Jürgen Worlitz: I would argue that Harry and Meghan like to look back. Harry continually invokes Diana and what happened to him back then. He always looks back on the dark side of his youth.

And Meghan looks back on a life that she previously had – as an actress in a much-watched series. She then falls back into the cliché of what she believes is what Hollywood glamor is. Because this Hollywood glamor is no longer there and Meghan is not one of them. She is not a glamorous figure in Hollywood. There are probably more glamorous actresses with serious roles, with big films. We have never seen Meghan there.

TV nobility expert Jürgen Worlitz does not see Meghan as the glamorous Hollywood star. jürgen worlitz

Does Meghan even have a chance to re-establish itself in public – especially with the British?

Meghan provoked the feeling that everyone is against her by getting involved in the hacking. She was the one who unleashed this little war by criticizing Kate, which is nothing more than dull jealousy. And if the two of them, Harry and Meghan, continue to move on this stupid level, you just have to say, they won’t be able to get the prices they think they can.

Then they are no longer the coveted people, but the scandalous people you invite, who are photographed and ensure that an event is noticed, but they are not the ones you are really proud of. You would then only be the glitter accessories that you need and for which you are also willing to pay. But it’s not worth it, it’s not a diamond.

Do other royals benefit from Meghan and Harry being in such a bad light?

The image of Harry and Meghan is “only” scratched, if you will. They are not real scandals. A real scandal is what is going on about Prince Andrew, or what is going on about Diana. This is just a little war because everything that has been said could be shrugged off.

Pictures like this give fans hope: they see the glamor factor coming back to Meghan. Bild: ap

If Meghan and Harry decided to return to England, how would the British react?

The question is rather, how do Harry and Meghan hope that the British respond to a return? The two like to think back and long for the times when people just romped, cheered and clapped only when they stuck their noses out the door. In any case, that will change when they come back. You would always be eyed at a distance.

In what way?

That means they are judged on what they really do. And what they really did, they would have to prove day by day and if they succeeded, they could perhaps gain a foothold in the big company again. But they both pretend that they have leased the charity and I sometimes wonder, where do they actually get the right to say that we are only doing good. You want to be mother and father Theresa in one. This is a claim where one wonders what is actually behind it – namely nothing more than one’s own profit.

What mistakes did Harry make in your eyes?

Harry should never have gotten involved with Meghan so quickly. Because what Meghan shows is ultimately a very superficial. She is not a woman of the deep. She’s out for quick glory, quick effects, I agree with Lady Colin Campbell’s opinion [Anm. d. Red.: Autorin des Enthüllungsbuchs “Meghan and Harry – The real story”] an.


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