Motorcyclists commit 42 traffic offenses in Vienna in 8 minutes


In Vienna, a racer has probably set an inglorious record: in less than ten minutes, the motorcyclist committed more than three dozen traffic violations. The police are investigating.

While fleeing the police, a motorcycle rider committed 42 traffic offenses in Vienna in just eight minutes. The 29-year-old noticed a police patrol on Thursday evening because he had only driven over an intersection on the rear wheel. According to the police on Friday, he ignored any attempts by the officials to stop him. Instead, he raced through the city at more than 100 km / h.

Because of his driving style, he endangered two pedestrians who wanted to cross the street in green. In addition, he disregarded a red light eight times, violated the speed limit nine times and committed various other offenses. The motorcycle was not approved. According to the police, the driver himself was not drunk and was not under the influence of drugs.


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