Mouth and nose protection: Union demands 15 minutes break


The GPA-djp union demands that trading companies that make good money during the crisis should pay their employees more. This means in particular the food trade. “This would benefit 100,000 employees,” said Martin Müllauer, chairman of the retail sector at the GPA and chairman of the works council of the bookstore chain Morawa, on Thursday.

The idea is not new. In 2009, the employees of the metal industry received a one-off payment of 100 to 250 euros regardless of income, which was based on the level of the operating result (EBIT) of the respective company. The workers’ representatives want to implement something similar this autumn in the collective bargaining negotiations for the commercial employees.

Two thirds of the employees in Austrian trade are women. The minimum collective wage for full-time employees in the old collective agreement is currently EUR 1,675 gross per month, in the new KV it is EUR 1,714 gross. However, the majority of them work part-time.

“Those who were the winners in the crisis have to pay,” said Müllauer. The slogan, “Whatever it costs,” should not only apply to the economy. Apart from that, the GPA also agreed to the ÖGB demand for a “corona thousand” for all employees in systemically relevant professions.

The four large grocers (Rewe, Spar, Hofer and Lidl) paid their employees a bonus in March. That is not enough for the union. In the meantime, the behavior of many customers contradicts the fact that they still applauded during the lockdown and celebrated the supermarket employees as heroes, Müllauer conceded.


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