Munich: no more after-work beer in the English Garden? Police direct group – it can affect anyone


Have three men been denied access to the English Garden because of their skin color? The Munich police comment on the explosive charge – further use now creates question marks.

  • A journalist on Twitter complains of an alleged measure by the Munich police.
  • Three black men are to be admitted to the English garden have been denied.
  • The police react to the violent allegation – and are now raising questions with another operation.

Update from July 23, 11.17 a.m .: After the violent Racism allegations to the Munich police A case has repeatedly come to light around an assignment in the English Garden that raises questions. As the Evening News reports that three young men (27, 27, 28 years old) visited the English Garden last Wednesday shortly after 6 p.m., each with two beers and a cyclist. At the bridge in front of the Surfer wave According to the report, however, was already over.

As the young men report to the newspaper, officials should give them access to the English garden have refused. Even though the small group is neither drunk nor aggressive should have occurred. According to the report, the police should rigorous use justified that in Munich don’t want to experience scenes like in Stuttgart or Frankfurt. There had been violent riots there recently. The officials therefore imposed an entry ban on the men in the English Garden until 4 a.m. the next morning. If they don’t stick to it, they would have Evening News to custody threatened.

Munich: Police exposed violent racism allegations

Update from July 23, 5:59 p.m .: It is a serious accusation that BR-Jounalist Malcolm O. (27) makes against the Munich police: The officials are supposed to tell his brother and two friends about their dark skin tone Access to the English Garden have denied (see below). The three people from the Munich-born journalist with Nigerian roots really became discriminated against?

After interviewing and viewing Video material the police said, however, that the men had tried to escape control. That’s why they were checked. They had become aggressive and accused the police of racist behavior. It was that day 110 controls given 90 reprimands have been granted. In total, officials found 95 identities from multiple nationalities. One of O’s brother’s friends was still in the evening Gärtnerplatz taken into custody (and released again) for insulting officials, such as Bodycams showed.

Tough accusation against police in Munich: Racism incident in the control of the English garden?

Update from July 23, 2:09 p.m .: The Munich police have it Racism allegations around an application in English garden vehemently rejected. “However, we take this incident very seriously,” said a police spokesman. You will be in contact with those affected, as well as with the person who made the contribution Twitter had shared.

The police now explained to justify the ReferralThe three men tried to bypass the check on Wednesday evening and are partly aggressive become. That evening, 90 referrals were given to people of different nationalities. A cluster of certain groups was not to be seen. Nevertheless, the allegation should worked up thoroughly become.

During a police check at the English Garden, officers are said to have acted in doubt (symbolic image).

© dpa / Sven Hoppe

First report from July 23, 2020

Munich – racism– Allegation against the Munich police: on Twitter reports the journalist working for the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR) Malcolm Ohanwe of an incident that occurred on English garden should have contributed.

Munich: Racism Allegation Against Police – Access to the English Garden Denied?

His brother and two other black men are said to be access have been denied to the park. An official had the reason for this Riots from Frankfurt and Stuttgart cited. There were also isolated riots in the English Garden during the Corona summer, but so far nobody has wanted to speak of a “focal point”.

As a white guy, he was allowed to happen because, unlike the three men, he didn’t fit into the clientele.

Alleged statement by a Munich police officer

The journalist’s brother and two companions had been asked to avoid the English Garden for 24 hours – otherwise they would be locked up. Compared to the BR Ohanwe reports that a Passing questioned the actions of the officials and received a dubious answer: “As a white guy, he was allowed to happen because, unlike the three men, he was not allowed to go clientele past”.

Incident in the English Garden: Munich police react to violent accusation

Ohanwe published the racism allegations on Tuesday (July 22) via Twitter. The Munich police responded to the article on the same evening: “We take this information very seriously and will investigate the matter immediately. Please give us some time for this ”.

Ohawe was also given further information to the officials.


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