Muslims outraged by the designation “Documentation Center for Political Islam”


In a mailing, the Islamic Community of Faith in Austria (IGGÖ) declared the cooperation in establishing the planned documentation center to be unreasonable. The IGGÖ is particularly bothered by the name “Documentation Center for Political Islam”, which was presented by Integration Minister Susanne Raab last week.

IGGÖ President Ümit Vural is outraged by the fact that despite repeated criticism of the unusable term “political Islam”, the title of the planned documentation center is now used. According to the IGGÖ in its mailing, this testifies to a purely political objective.

Discouraged several times

The reason why the Islamic community of faith in Austria rejects the designation of the Documentation Center for Political Islam is as follows: Last year, well-known Austrian and international experts from various disciplines came to the conclusion at the IGGÖ conference on “Political Islam – an attempt to define” that there is no recognized scientific definition of the term. They have therefore strongly discouraged the use of the same.

The selection of the people previously involved in the planning also confirms this assumption. Therefore, the cooperation for the IGGÖ is excluded.


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