NEOS: Meinl-Reisinger congratulates Christoph Wiederkehr on the election of the top candidate


Meinl-Reisinger: “With control, constructive toughness and new confidence, Christoph Wiederkehr will convince the Viennese in the coming weeks.”

Vienna (OTS) NEOS chairwoman Beate Meinl-Reisinger congratulates NEOS Vienna boss Christoph Wiederkehr on the election as the top NEOS candidate for the upcoming Vienna election. “The past few months have shown how important it is to have a strong opposition in Vienna and at the federal level. How important it is that there is a party that drains the swamps, that it ensures that no job is lost, that the troubled companies get back on their feet, that no children are left behind, and that we live Europe and do not dismantle it ” says Meinl-Reisinger. “Christoph Wiederkehr is the best candidate to do just that in Vienna. In recent years, he has made a name for himself as a critical, eloquent and committed politician who puts his finger in the wound and uncovers grievances. Beautiful pictures, staging and show politics are no longer enough. We now need new confidence and real renewal. We showed it in the federal government and so now in Vienna. We NEOS are THE opposition and bring control and constructive toughness and Christoph Wiederkehr will convince the Viennese in the coming weeks. “

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