NSU 2.0 Hessen – Interior Minister Peter Beuth now speaks of 69 threatening letters


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Do all right-wing extremist threats with the signature “NSU 2.0” come from the same author? The Hessian interior minister Peter Beuth (CDU) gives details before the state parliament.

  • Left women are from Right-wing extremists via threatening emails harassed
  • The data query comes from Police computers in Hessen
  • References to a network regarding NSU 2.0 condense – transfer of the case submitted for examination to the federal prosecutor

Update from Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 12.25 p.m .: The investigators of the Hessian LKA have information on 69 right-wing extremist threatening letters, with the abbreviation “NSU 2.0” have been sent. These were aimed at 27 people and institutions in a total of eight federal states, said Interior Minister of Hesse, Peter Beuth (CDU), on Tuesday in the interior committee of the Hessian state parliament in Wiesbaden. Nine people lived in Hessen.

Of these nine people, five would be managed by the LKA individually looked after. The four other people are members of the Hessian judicial and security authorities. According to Beuth, the letters were almost always sent from an identical sender address. Most of the mail was sent by e-mail, but also by fax, SMS and Internet contact forms.

“NSU 2.0”: data from three different police computers in Hesse

The minister said that the investigative authorities had checked in all letters whether the data used in part could come from publicly accessible sources. This is the case for a large part of the recipients used. The investigation would also have revealed that in the Hessian police data systems The data of three affected addressees were queried from three different computers. This leads to the suspicion that in these three cases information from Hessian police systems in Threatening writing Have found use.

First registration: Wiesbaden – The affair about the threatening letters with sender “NSU 2.0“ in Hessen continues – and is far from being enlightened. Therefore, the Hesse interior minister Peter Beuth (CDU) on Tuesday (11:00 a.m.) in the state parliament in Wiesbaden.

“NSU 2.0” and the threatening letters: Landtag wants answers from Beuth

In a special meeting of the interior committee, the members of Beuth want to ask a whole catalog of questions. Among other things, they demand clarification as to the status of the investigations against the authors of the far right Threatening letters and possible helpers to the police.

Among other things, several women in public life – including left-wing politicians, the lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz and the cabaret artist Idl Baydar – received threatening letters. The non-public data of the women are said to have been previously queried by Hessian police computers.

“NSU 2.0” – Who is behind the far-right threatening letters?

Update from Monday, July 20th, 2020, 4.24pm: Right-wing extremist threatening emails are constantly appearing again and again. But who is behind? “NSU 2.0”? And what does it have Police in Hesse to do with? There are still many open questions. A spokesman for the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office now spoke of a “very dynamic event”. Many people would get emails. However, it is still far from clear whether the sender is the same.

It is very difficult to assign the letters to an author based solely on a language style. Hesse’s Interior Minister is also said to be the youngest recipient Peter Beuth (CDU) belong. The public prosecutor’s office did not provide any information on this or on the names of other potential victims.

NSU 2.0 and the threatening mails: the Federal Attorney General has not yet taken over

Meanwhile he sees Attorney General currently no basis for taking over the investigation. So far, the investigations in the federal states “did not provide sufficient factual evidence on the basis of which the federal prosecutor would be able to undertake the investigation and carry out the prosecution under its own responsibility,” said a spokesman on request.

FDP domestic politician Konstantin Kuhle and left-wing interior expert Martina Renner had asked that the federal prosecutor general should investigate. Meanwhile, the federal prosecutor’s office does not want to lead the investigation. As from a recently published press release by Public Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt emerges, this has the preliminary investigation because of the „NSU 2.0“-Drohmails submitted to the “Attorney General for the Examination of a Takeover”.

NSU 2.0 in Hessen: Police scandal spreads – more and more police stations are involved

First registration from Sunday, July 19th, 2020, 6.06pm: The evidence of a right-wing extremist network in the hessian police condense. According to information from the Frankfurter Rundschau, the three inquiries from police computers, which are apparently related to the extreme right-wing threat to prominent women, were carried out at different times from three different Hessian areas: from the 1st area in Frankfurt and from the 3rd and 4th area in Wiesbaden.

There is apparently no overlap in personnel between these areas at the respective times, as the FR learned from security circles. There is therefore much to suggest that several police officers should Data who later spied for threatening letters from the “NSU 2.0“Have been abused. The abbreviation is based on the terrorist group “National Socialist Underground” (NSU).

There is therefore much to suggest that several police officers have spied on the data that was later misused for threatening to write “NSU 2.0”.

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NSU 2.0: Data retrieved from multiple police computers

The Data Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz was called up in the 1st district of Frankfurt in the summer of 2018, shortly before she received the first death threat with the signature “NSU 2.0” in August 2018. The 1st district on the Zeil is responsible for downtown Frankfurt.

In addition, the 4th district in Wiesbaden is affected, the largest area of ​​the Wiesbaden Police Department in terms of area. It looks after the northeastern urban area. From there, according to FR information, the data of the cabaret artist Idil Baydar was called up, and – as Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) now announced – in March 2019.

According to information from the FR, the interrogation was carried out from the 3rd district of the West Hesse police headquarters in Wiesbaden Data the Hessian Left Group leader Janine Wissler. They were called up in early 2020, shortly before the first threatening letter from the “NSU 2.0“Was received by the politician. Like Basay-Yildiz, it referred to personal information that is not publicly available.

Idil Baydar: “It really does not promote my trust in the police.”

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The 3rd district is located in the vicinity of the State Criminal Police Office, the West Hesse Police Headquarters and the Hessian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution. It is responsible for part of Wiesbaden city center and for several other parts of the city.

Police officers have access to the Polas police query system from their computers. But you can also about it Data of the residents’ registration offices, the Federal Motor Transport Authority and the Central Register of Foreigners. Interior Minister Beuth and the new State Police President Roland Ullmann have announced that security measures will be taken to prevent the data from being abused.

A special investigator is investigating the case of threatening NSU 2.0 letters

The public debate has picked up pace since the FR first reported two weeks ago that there were not just one, but several Data queries gave, apparently in connection with right-wing extremist threatening letters under the abbreviation “NSU 2.0” stood. Since then, the sender of the mail series has commented on almost every public step with new letters to the threatened women and other people – be it the appointment of special investigator Hanspeter Mener, the resignation of the former State Police President Udo Münch or the appointment of Munich’s successor Ullmann on Friday.

The latest e-mail with the signature “NSU 2.0” was expressly addressed to Ullmann, but at the same time sent to a broad distribution list – to police and public prosecutor, to special investigator Mener and Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU), to the federal CDU and a number of media, including the Frankfurter Rundschau.

The list of endangered public figures is also getting longer. In the latest email, the senders threaten journalists Deniz Yücel and Hengameh Yaghoobifarah – but without underlining the attempt to intimidate them with personal data from them. That was the case with Basay-Yildiz, Wissler, Baydar, the Left Bundestag MP Martina Renner and the Left Group leader in the Berlin MP, Anne Helm.

NSU 2.0: Data query and series of right-wing extremist threatening letters

MEP Renner demands that the Federal Attorney General (GBA) pull the investigation into the case of extreme right-wing threats. She expressed the impression that “the communication, the exchange of information and the investigation strategy between the LKA Hessen, the LKA Berlin and the BKA are not really coordinated”.

As a result, cross references to other complexes “would not be sufficiently in the focus of the investigators. These coordination problems between security agencies reminded them of the Amri case. The assassin from Breitscheidplatz in Berlin was not stopped, although security authorities knew that it was dangerous. But the coordination between the authorities apparently failed.

With other complexes, Renner means further series of right-wing extremist threatening letters, which were signed with the abbreviations “National Socialist Offensive” and “State String Orchestra”. The MP also referred to a series of attacks and threats with an extreme right background in Berlin-Neukölln.

In Renner’s opinion, the Federal Attorney General would also be the right investigative agency because the perpetrators attacked “the state in its institutions”. The Berlin district court in Moabit had “NSU 2.0– threats had to be cleared on the very day in April when the trial against André M., who is said to have sent numerous death threats under the acronym “National Socialist Offensive”, began there. In addition, it is about the “threat to constitutional organs,” said Renner. Members of parliament would be threatened “not as private individuals”, but in their democratic role.

“NSU 2.0” refers to the Terrorist group NSU (“National Socialist underground”). Between 2000 and 2007, ten people were murdered in the name of this terrorist organization in Germany. (Pitt v. Bebenburg)

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