Over an hour’s wait in front of the Gotthard


That meant a wait of up to an hour, as the TCS reported traffic information on its website. The column had started to form early in the morning, then grew rapidly to six kilometers in length, and shrank to five kilometers at noon.

The TCS recommended switching to the San Bernardino route via the A13. South of the Gotthard, the returnees from the holidays made themselves felt around noon on Saturday. Shortly before noon, the cars stood between Quinto and Airolo on three kilometers. The TCS indicated the loss of time at 20 minutes.

Even if the cars were parked in front of the tunnel in Urnerland in the morning: In Corona summer 2020, the traffic on the A2 to the south was slightly less than in previous years, as the cantonal police determined. One has the impression that there are more vehicles with Swiss license plates than from the countries north of Switzerland, said picket officer Manuela Hobi when asked by the Keystone-SDA news agency.


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