Pre-order PS5: families could have problems, says a Dataminer


In a few days, Sony could start pre-ordering its next-gen console. However, there would be a problem for large families.

  • PS5 is Sony’s next-gen console and will appear in 2020.
  • Will the Fans just one consoles can order per household?
  • A data Miner now finds details on the new one Sony side.

Tokyo, Japan – It seems like the hot phase of the PS5 pre-orders started by Sony. Although the Fans still don’t know an exact release of PlayStation 5, several rumors and alleged leaks have been circulating lately, Sony could soon with the Pre-orders kick off. Apparently now even has one data Miner on the new shopping page of Sony interesting information about PS5 and their Pre-orders found out.

Name of the consolePlayStation 5 (PS5)
ManufacturerSony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Typestationary game console
Generation9. Console generation
Storage mediumBlu-Ray
Releaseprobably in late 2020

PS5: pre-orders limited to one console per household?

That Sony with publishing information around the Next-Gen-Konsole PS5 is very economical, they know Fans already. Microsoft is also quite covered regarding the Xbox Series X, but at least there are more details on the American one Next-Gen-Konsole known as the Japanese competitor model. During the release and price of both Consoles is still unknown, discovered one data Miner now interesting information regarding the Pre-orders of the PS5. In the code of the relatively new Sony side Direct PlayStation is already hiding details that Sony has not yet communicated to the public. In addition, an Irish receipt gives information on the pre-orders of the PS5.

Pre-order PS5: Only one per household – Dataminer will find details on the new Sony website

© Sony/Pixabay/Montage

He did on Reddit Dataminer Kgarvey known his discoveries. What he found out should be many Fans happy, but not all information leads to leaps of joy. So it should PS5 from Sony allegedly only be pre-orderable once per household, because the data Miner found the following passage in the Direct PlayStation code: “You can only use one version of the PS5 ™ -Konsole purchase: disc or digital. You already have one in your shopping cart PS5 ™ -Konsole added. ”This message appears when trying to do more than one PS5 on the Sony side to order. This limitation also applied to the Pre-orders the PS4 insert, therefore the text passage appears believable. But the data Miner found for the Fans even more out (all about PS5).

PS5: Dataminer finds more information that Sony has not yet released

Due to the fact that the aforementioned text passage including code is already on the website of Sony was integrated, the Pre-orders of the Next-Gen-Konsole according to data Miner imminent. Kgarvey appreciates that Sony the PS5 pre-orders will unlock in the next two weeks. Amazon is also announcing the first details about the PS5 pre-orders. However, this information is only speculation and in no way from Sony based in Such been confirmed. The Fans can look forward to another discovery, however, on the Sony according to data Miner should also go online soon.

PlayStation Direct source code leaks minor PS5 pre-order details from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

Of the data Miner Kgarvey also found that Sony integrated a new “label” in the source code of the Direct website, which makes certain PS4 products compatible with the PS5 to show. This newly added element is supposed to find its place on the product pages of selected hardware and software of the PS4 in the future, around the Fans to announce that this product with the Next-Gen-Konsole PS5 is compatible. For example, the label might appear on the product page of the PS4 game Cyberpunk 2077 because it also appears on the PS5 is playable. As already mentioned, expressed itself Sony So far, none of this allegedly leaked information. So they have to Fans be patient a little longer.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony/Pixabay/Montage


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