PS Plus Games in August 2020, when will they come?


Sony will be the new ones at the end of this month Playstation plusGames for August 2020 announced. So far, however, it is still completely unclear which games this time for yours PlayStation 4 will be available. Now PlayStation fans are asking: “When will the new games come?”

Sony is at the end of May of the previous ones Plans deviated. To date, the new games have always been available for free download for all PS Plus members on the first Tuesday of each month. The previous titles were always revealed on the previous Wednesday.

The PS Plus games in the July 2020 consist of NBA 2K20, Rise of the Tomb Raider such as Erica and can from you to 13. August 2020 can be downloaded free of charge. Sony announced the games on Monday 29. June 2020 on. So it is not yet clear when the new free games will be announced. Possible options are Monday, for example July 27th or Wednesday the 29th of July. The latter date would fall back in Sony’s previous planning and mean that the new games on Tuesday 4. August 2020 would be available for download for all members.

Possible schedule PS Plus games August 2020:

  • Revelation: Wednesday, July 29 at 5:30 p.m.
  • Activation: Tuesday, August 4th, at 12 noon

But of course things can turn out quite differently this time, and Sony will unveil the new PlayStation Plus games next Tuesday, or maybe not until the end of next week.

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What is PS Plus? We know that about the offer

PlayStation Plus is a paid subscription that extends the features of your PSN account so you can get everything out of your PlayStation 4. Membership of PS Plus gives you these advantages:

  • Online-Multiplayer
  • Monthly games
  • Automatic download of game patches in sleep mode
  • Exclusive early access to full test versions, demos and public betas.
  • 100 GB of online storage for saves
  • Exclusive content and discounts on the PlayStation Store – look for the PlayStation Plus logo:

If you haven’t tried the service yet, you can purchase a paid membership here:

Note: If you can try the service as part of a free trial, don’t forget to deactivate the automatic renewal of the subscription before the end of the free trial.

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