Reisen – “Hyperloop” by Elon Musk: New test track in Munich


Traveling through a narrow tube at the speed of sound – too absurd to ever come true? Tesla boss Elon Musk sees it differently. And Munich scientists too. You are already working on the implementation of this idea.

Munich gets a Hyperloop test track: On the grounds of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), travel at the speed of sound is researched.

For this purpose, among other things, a 24 meter long tube made of special concrete and a full-size cabin prototype will be created. Passengers will later be shot through the tube in this “pod” – at around 1,000 kilometers per hour.

That is almost 300 meters per second. It would only take around three quarters of an hour from Munich to Hamburg at this rate.

In addition to the technical feasibility, further questions are first examined in a first two-year phase:

  • How expensive is such a hyperloop?
  • How sustainable is it?
  • Where could routes arise?
  • How safe is it?

Hyperloop design by TUM: The team from Munich has won every competition so far. (Source: TUM)

Students and scientists from 28 countries work in the Hyperloop research program.

Hyperloop is an idea of ​​the Tesla visionary Elon Musk: Capsules are supposed to move on air cushions in a tube – faster and cleaner than the plane, cheaper than the train. Musk asks inventors worldwide to participate in the implementation. Critics raise concerns. For example, the braking distance in an emergency would be about two kilometers.

Several research teams around the world are developing their own path to hyperloop technology. They have already competed against each other in various competitions. A tube from Musk’s space company Space X in California (USA) served as the test track. So far, the TUM team has won every race. Munich’s speed record is currently 482 km / h (June 2019). At that time, your prototype weighed less than 70 kilograms – in the future it will be several tons.


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