Rewe brings special milk to the range: supermarkets break new ground


Customers receive the “You are the boss” milk with a fat content of 3.7 percent. It is produced by farmers in Hesse and costs 1.45 euros. 58 cents will go to dairy farmers. According to the current status, the national average for organic milk is 47 cents.

The cows spend at least four months on the pasture for the selected milk, receiving mostly fresh grass during the growing season and only locally produced feed.

In a press release, Rewe explains that the market launch is “a sign of appreciation and quality”. Customers can find the milk in 400 Rewe branches in Hesse and the surrounding area, especially in the Rhine-Main area.

The aim of the initiative is to place the products on the supermarket shelf nationwide. “The new brand is an opportunity to actually take the consumer with us. We produce exactly as they want and they can identify with our milk,” says Sven Lorenz, a farmer from Vöhl and chairman of the Hesse milk producer association.


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