Setback for Aida – 10 crew members tested positive


From August, Aida cruises should actually be possible again. However, shortly before important test drives, ten crew members were tested positive for the corona virus. All information in the news blog.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 15.4 million people worldwide have already been infected with the corona virus, and more than 632,100 people have died. The country with the most registered infections – more than four million cases – is the United States. More than 144,200 people have already died there as a result of the virus. In Germany, too, the crisis is far from over.

Shortly before test drives: Ten Aida crew members infected

On August 12, the first Aida cruise ships with tourists on board were due to depart. Before that there were test drives. However, a total of 10 crew members were now tested positive for the corona virus. The “Ostsee Zeitung” reports.

On Wednesday, 750 crew members were flown in from the Philippines and Indonesia. They should be used on a total of three ships. Before the departure, all tests were negative, after the entry on board was tested again: 10 times positive. The crew of the two ships is now in quarantine. The test drives and possibly also the first tourist drives are now postponed until further notice.

Söder calls for compulsory testing at German airports

CSU boss Markus Söder calls for a corona test for vacation returners at all German airports. “We (also) urgently need long-term tests at airports, especially from high-risk areas. I don’t think that quarantine alone is enough. A test directly at the airport would make sense,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister in Nuremberg on Friday. Söder emphasized that there should be a nationwide uniform regulation on the question.

“I think we need a quick foundation for this now. The most important thing is that we clarify whether it is mandatory or not,” said Söder. He believed that the protection of the population should be the top priority. In view of the summer vacation that is already ending in some federal states, it is important to “set the pace”. He does not hope that in some cases it is already too late, since people have already returned from the holiday regions here, but there are no tests yet. Bavaria itself plans to issue a corona test at airports next week – but on a voluntary basis.

New outbreak at Tönnies? 30 employees tested positive

At the meat processor Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 30 employees were tested positive for the corona virus during routine checks. According to the company, most of them are so-called old cases – in which the virus has been detected earlier and is still detectable. The 30 employees, like all employees, were tested at the start of work in the plant after the weeks-long break – this had been agreed with the authorities beforehand, said company spokesman André Vielstädte.

After about 24 hours, the result was available, then the colleagues were immediately blocked for operation and sent to quarantine. It is still being determined whether all 30 employees were actually deployed for a day. For 8 of the 30 employees, it still needs to be clarified whether they have contracted the virus or whether they can only detect an earlier infection, said Vielstädte. After an infection, the result could be positive for up to ten weeks, even though the person concerned was no longer infectious.

Production at the main site in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in the Gütersloh district had been shut down for four weeks after a corona outbreak. After extensive tests of a hygiene concept and protective measures, the meat company was only allowed to restart parts of the business a week ago. The agreed measures also include intensive employee testing.

Brazil: Infected Bolsonaro is walking a motorcycle and is not wearing a mask

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who says he is infected with the corona virus, went on a motorcycle ride on the premises of the presidential residence and talked without a mask to employees who worked there. This was reported by Brazilian media on Thursday.

Bolsonaro is in quarantine after saying two weeks ago that he had a corona test positive. The right-wing president carries out the official business from the Palácio da Alvorada in Brasília. According to information from the Ministry of Communication on Wednesday, it had been tested once again.

Jair Bolsonaro: Brazil’s president has been infected with the corona virus – that doesn’t seem to bother him. (Archive picture) (Source: Fotoarena / imago images)

After the United States, Brazil is currently one of the focal points of the corona pandemic. The Ministry of Health reported 59,961 new infections within 24 hours on Thursday evening (local time). So far, 2,287,475 cases have been registered in the largest and most populous country in Latin America. 84,082 patients have died in connection with the lung disease Covid-19.

Control of suspected cases: Australia deploys army

In order to identify chains of infection, soldiers are deployed in the Australian state of Victoria, which is also home to the metropolis of Melbourne. Health officials are struggling to reach all those infected by phone, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said. That is why soldiers should now personally visit those affected. If the people are not found, there is a risk of being fined for violating the quarantine order. Around 300 new infections per day are currently recorded in Victoria – making the state a hot spot for coronas.

China reports new Corona outbreak in Dalian

New infections with the corona virus have occurred in the north-east Chinese city of Dalian. As the state-run newspaper “Global Times” reported on Friday, the authorities found two new diseases and 15 infections with no symptoms. According to the report, it is the first infection in the city in 111 days.

The authorities ordered kindergartens to be closed. In affected areas of the city, corona tests should also be carried out on as many people as possible. Residential areas for which a lockdown has been imposed are to be supplied with food.

Dalian: There has been a new outbreak of corona virus in the northeastern city of China. (Source: imago images)Dalian: There has been a new outbreak of corona virus in the northeastern city of China. (Source: imago images)

China has had the corona virus largely under control for months. However, there are always local outbreaks in different parts of the country, which are usually responded to with strict measures. In addition to the city of Dalian, the Xinjiang region in the far west of the country and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are currently experiencing outbreaks.

WHO curbs expectation of early virus eradication

The World Health Organization (WHO) is convinced that the new corona virus is not in sight soon. “We have to learn to live with the virus,” said emergency response coordinator Mike Ryan in Geneva on Thursday evening. “We will not be able to eliminate or eradicate the virus in the foreseeable future.” Rather, people would have to learn to live with the virus and to find their way back to a certain normalcy.

Ryan called on countries around the world to use all available measures to break the chain of infection. This also includes temporarily closing bars or clubs in an emergency or limiting the number of visitors.

“If the rate of infection in a society is high, activities that bring many people together, especially indoors, will cause further transmission of the disease,” said Ryan.

Almost 60,000 new infections in Brazil

Brazil registered 59,961 new infections with the corona virus on Thursday. This is the second highest value so far, as the authorities said. The number of confirmed cases rose to almost 2.3 million. It is only surpassed by the United States. According to the Ministry of Health, another 1,311 people died from Covid-19, bringing the total death toll to more than 84,000.

Mexico reports record number of new infections

Mexico reports more corona infections than ever in a day. On Thursday, 8,438 new cases were confirmed, the Ministry of Health said. The total number rose to 370,712. The death toll also increased by 718 to a total of 41,908.

Colombia has record deaths in one day

Sad Corona Record in Colombia: In a 24-hour period, health officials in the Latin American country have recorded 315 deaths from the novel corona virus. Last week, an average of 206 corona-related deaths were registered a day, the health authorities said on Thursday in Bogotá.

Due to the sharp rise in the number of infections, the Mayor of the capital of Bogotá, Claudia López, announced on Thursday that the corona measures would be tightened. The hospitals in the metropolis are already over 91 percent full.

According to official information, more than 7,600 coronavirus-related deaths have been recorded in Colombia since the pandemic began. In addition, there are more than 220,000 infections.

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