Signature subsidiary participates in security startup


Capital Lounge GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Signature AG, has invested in GerdBox Securities SE. GerdBox Securities SE is a start-up in the field of mobile security technology that develops ultra-modern and mobile safes. The company’s origins go back to GerdBox GmbH, founded in Austria in 2017 by security expert Gerhard Ziegler and IT and marketing expert Ries Bouwman. Alexander Coenen, CEO of Signature AG: “The investment in GerdBox Securities SE is an important step towards an investment house that provides companies with know-how, network and equity. In addition, promising growth companies like GerdBox Securities SE also embody attractive opportunities to increase the intrinsic value of our group of companies for the benefit of the shareholders. ”

The company’s first product – the GuardBox – combines four devices in one and, in addition to being a mobile safe with alarm function, offers a Bluetooth connection to the built-in camera, which can be used, for example, as a room monitor or baby monitor. The built-in speaker can also be used under Bluetooth, for example for music playback, and the box also has a battery with USB for charging mobile devices.

If all capital measures can be implemented as planned, GerdBox Securities SE would have a valuation of around 6 million euros, at which the Capital Lounge would still hold 27 percent of the share capital after dilution due to the capital increase mentioned. This would correspond to an investment value of 1.6 million euros.

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