Sony increases PS5 production volume, limits order quantity per person


Sony is apparently expecting sales of its upcoming Playstation 5 game console. As various well-known media – including “Bloomberg” (in Japanese) and the Japanese newspaper “Nikkei” – report, the Sony production targets by the end of March 2021 and the end of the current one Almost doubled in the financial year from originally 5 to 6 million to 9 to 10 million consoles. Sony expects increased demand, not least because of the corona crisis.
Sony apparently wants to limit the order quantity per customer due to the expected high demand. As the magazine “Resetera” found out by analyzing the code on the Playstation 5 website, only one console can be ordered per customer. If more than one console is placed in the shopping cart, an error message should appear.

It is still unclear when Sony will take pre-orders or when the console will appear. However, rumors are growing these days that the launch is imminent. This is said to have led to the fact that queues had already formed in front of Sony stores – solely due to rumors. At least this was reported by a Sony manager in the USA in a video interview with the platform “Thegameawards” (see video below after approx. 18:20 minutes). But he also does not name a date in the interview. (mw)


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