Strache wants to declare his place of residence next week – Landtag elections in Vorarlberg –


Can Strache run for the Vienna election?

Heinz-Christian Strache wants to explain at the beginning of next week about the allegations surrounding his main residence. He would “make a statement about his lawyer,” said Secretary General of Strache’s List, Christian Höbart, on Saturday. The allegations are “without content”.

On Friday it had become known via “Press” that Strache’s mother had denied in summer 2019 that the ex-FPÖ boss was living in the apartment in Vienna where he was registered. The report referred to an act by the casino investigation that Strache’s mother had explained this.

According to the act, which is also fully available to the APA, the executive officers visited the apartment in Vienna-Landstrasse in the previous year in order to conduct a house search there. However, Strache was not found, only his mother. According to the investigation file, the police stated “that her son had not lived at the address given for at least 19 years and was only coming to visit. There were no personal belongings in the apartment,” he says in the file a search of the apartment took place in the presence of Strache’s mother. “No personal items belonging to Mr. Heinz-Christian Strache could be found,” the investigators noted.

Höbart rejected on Saturday that Strache did not have his center of life in Vienna: “The daily allegations without content and attempts to attack HC Strache are such a transparent spectacle that it almost drives us into the arms of many voters.” The attempt “to prevent HC Strache’s candidacy on October 11 with a staged reporting scandal” will “go nowhere”. It is “once again a media hype without any substance”.

With Strache’s planned presentation next week, “this matter staged by the media” will be resolved in a few days – “especially since, for example, the declaration of support submitted by HC Strache as Viennese has already been officially confirmed by the Magistratic District Office,” said Höbart. Regarding the apartment concerned, the ex-FPÖ politician explained that Strache has now fully taken over: “Unfortunately, HC Strache’s beloved mother had to go to a nursing home in March 2020 and he has at that time – before the end of the main registration period on July 14, 2020 – said apartment was fully taken over and used. Before that, it was other apartments in Vienna that served him as residences for security reasons in particular. His main focus, whether as party chairman or as vice chancellor, was and is Vienna for the past 15 years still today, whether politically, socially or privately. ”


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