Street parade “bomber” set fire to City Hall


Bremgarten AG

The 32-year-old German, who triggered a bomb alarm with a dummy at last year’s Street Parade, was apparently ticking off in Bremgarten AG’s town hall.

A bomb robot was also used to secure the dummy bomb that the German had built.

  • A German is said to have started a fire in the town hall of Bremgarten.
  • This is apparently the man who laid a dummy bomb on last year’s street parade.
  • The German had already committed a criminal offense before the incident in the town hall.

It is not quiet about the “bomber” from the street parade. The 32-year-old German is said to have gone crazy in the town hall of Bremgarten and set a fire. The German then took a fire extinguisher and sprayed it around, as the “Blick” reports. The police finally arrested the man.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred in May. Only in August 2019 did the German cause a bomb alarm on the Street Parade – and was therefore sentenced to a conditional prison term of six months in December for attempted horror, damage to property and threats to the population. Shortly afterwards, he was released on probation with a trial period of four years.

Panic already triggered with a dummy bomb

The carpenter from Bremgarten had deposited an orange backpack in a bush on Zurich’s Utoquai. Inside was a dummy bomb made up of four PET bottles filled with petrol, plastic tubes, cell phones and wires. With the bomb dummy, the German actually wanted to take revenge on prostitutes whom he accused of stealing money from.

According to the “Blick”, the German already committed a criminal offense in February due to a dispute with his former landlord. He had previously thrown him out of the apartment because of open rents. The German had his landlord on the phone with sentences like “I wanted to ask if Mr. X. wanted to suck my Y. right?” insults. For this it imposed a conditional fine of CHF 1,100 and a fine of CHF 500.

«Glad that there were no injuries»

According to the newspaper, however, he did not receive a prison sentence, but only a warning. Since the town hall incident, he has apparently been in custody again.

The Aargau public prosecutor confirmed to Blick that “a criminal investigation had been opened against a 32-year-old suspect from Germany in connection with an incident in Bremgarten town hall”. The city administration does not want to comment on the case: “We are glad that there were no injuries.”


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