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    After infection: Bolsonaros Corona test again failed

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has said he has overcome his coronavirus infection. A new corona test was negative, the head of state wrote on Saturday on Twitter. When the test was made was initially unclear. Bolsonaro announced two weeks ago that he had been infected with the corona virus. Since then he has been in quarantine at the presidential residence in Brasília. Several tests in the past weeks had been positive.

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    Spain’s ex-world champion Xavi tested positive for corona virus

    Barcelona legend Xavi has been infected with the corona virus and will be missing from his team Al-Sadd SC when they restart in Qatar’s league. “A few days ago I was tested positive in the last Covid 19 test,” the club quoted the trainer on Twitter. “Fortunately, I’m fine, but I’ll stay isolated until I get the all-clear.”

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    Switzerland’s top hotelier expects up to 40 percent fewer overnight stays

    Hotelier President Andreas Züllig expects 30 to 40 percent fewer overnight stays in 2020. Some of the approximately 260,000 employees in the industry will lose the job. A relaxation of the 1000 rule for events from September would help.

    “It is an extraordinary crisis that is hitting us in the marrow,” said Züllig in the “Saturday Review”. The hotel industry had not experienced similar losses even during the world wars. The Hotel President did not give a concrete percentage of the expected job losses. For destinations like Interlaken or Lucerne, which are heavily dependent on foreign guests, the failures are massive.

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    Another rise in South Korea

    For the first time in almost four months, the number of new corona infections recorded daily in South Korea has risen to more than 100. As the health authorities said on Saturday, 113 new cases were recorded on Friday. The total number of registered corona infections rose to more than 14,000. There have been 298 fatalities associated with Sars-Cov-2.

    The authorities had expected the increase in view of an increase in the number of cases brought in. 86 of the new infections came from people who had arrived in South Korea from abroad.



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    BAG reports 148 new infections

    In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, 148 new infections with the corona virus were reported to the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) on Saturday within one day. 154 new confirmed cases were reported on Friday, 117 on Thursday and 110 last Saturday. There have been a total of 34,302 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases to date.

    No new deaths were reported. So far, according to the information, 1,700 people who had tested positive for Covid-19 have died.

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    Africa has 800,000 cases to report

    In Africa, 800,000 corona cases have now been recorded, and the numbers continue to rise sharply. While around half of the cases are registered in South Africa, Kenya also has to report a sharp increase. The WHO is concerned: Without containment, the World Health Organization warns, up to 190,000 people on the African continent could die from Covid-19 in the first year.

    “The danger that Covid-19 overwhelms the weak health systems on the continent will escalate,” warned WHO chief for Africa, Matshidiso Moeti, in early July. The pandemic reached Africa relatively late and initially spread very slowly there. This was partly due to the strict measures that most countries imposed very quickly. However, the spread of cases is now accelerating. This is also because many countries have relaxed the measures again – mostly because of their devastating economic consequences.

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    In Belgium, masking is now also mandatory on shopping streets

    In Belgium, new measures have come into force due to the increasing number of Covid 19 cases. From this Saturday on, a mask must also be worn on markets, in shopping streets and public buildings. In addition, the contact information of guests is saved for 14 days in catering establishments. A mask requirement also applies there, but not if the visitors are seated at a table.

    The number of discovered corona infections has recently risen significantly again in Belgium. Around 216 new Covid 19 cases were counted every day between July 15 and 21, an increase of 63 percent compared to the previous seven days. The total number of confirmed cases in Belgium was just under 65,200, the number of deaths was last reported as 9817.

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    “The sick came in like a tidal wave”

    He witnessed the pandemic up close: the Swiss doctor Pierre Saldinger. He has lived and worked in New York since the 1990s – and his hospital had to deal with severe corona cases day and night in spring. At times, the sick were brought in like a tidal wave, he reports. The doctor is now concerned about those US states where the number of cases is exploding, like a few weeks ago in New York. Because with his experience he knows that even the best doctors and hospitals reach their limits in such times. Now Saldinger is cautiously confident for the state of New York: People are very disciplined. But dealing with the cultural differences between the states has still not been found in combating the pandemic.

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    Because many stay at home: lifesavers are in constant use

    Because of Corona, more and more people are traveling in rivers. But there is plenty of running water. 20 people have already drowned this year. The Swiss Life Saving Society, the SLRG, is therefore on high alert.

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    Richter orders removal of Bolsonaro supporters’ profile

    Facebook and Twitter have blocked the profiles of several high-profile supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after a court order. There had previously been an investigation into the possible spread of disinformation by supporters of the right-wing Bolsonaro.

    The aim was to find out whether misinformation and threats against Supreme Court officials had been illegally funded. Locked account holders include Roberto Jefferson, a former congressman and president of the conservative PTB party, and several business people.

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    Boris Johnson admits mistakes

    On Friday, on the first anniversary of his inauguration, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted mistakes in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. “We didn’t understand (the virus) in the first weeks and months in the way that we would have liked to,” said the BBC’s conservative politician, Link opens in a new window. Above all, the extent of transmission by people who showed no symptoms was underestimated. When asked whether the lockdown and other measures to contain the virus in the country were too late, Johnson replied evasively.

    Imperial College epidemiologist and former government advisor Neil Ferguson recently said that at least half of the more than 45,500 deaths in the UK could have been prevented had the lockdown been implemented a week earlier in March.

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    WHO records record of new infections, Sao Paulo postpones carnival

    We welcome you to our live ticker. Here you stay up to date on the developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The most important news from the night:

    • They have never been since the start of the coronavirus pandemic World Health Organization (WHO) reported as many new infections within 24 hours as on Friday. Overall it was 284,196 cases.
    • Sao Paulo in Brazil shifts the traditional carnival. Instead of February of next year, it will only take place in the summer.
    • Foreign students whose courses will take place exclusively online in the next semester will receive, according to the US government no entry visa more.
    • Austria has slightly tightened regulations on entry from various corona risk areas around the world.
    • Given the increasing number of coronavirus infections, particularly in Barcelona, ​​the regional government of Catalonia announced the closure of all nightclubs, clubs and other nightlife venues across the region.

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