There are already 28 corona cases in the Wolfgangsee region: two employees in Salzburg were also infected


        The number of known corona infections among tourism employees in the region around St. Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut has risen to 28 by Saturday.  As Alois Lanz, the district captain of Gmunden, said on Saturday in the Ö1 morning journal, 26 of those affected were interns and two were their superiors.        </p><div>
        <p>"This is not an official order, but a recommendation from the state crisis team until the test results are available," said Hans Wieser of the Wolfgangsee Tourismus Gesellschaft to the APA.  The request was only valid for Saturday and was a mere precaution.  In the information, all those affected are asked for understanding of the step and asked to adhere exactly to the known protective measures.</p>            

The curfew in all catering establishments in the municipality has been brought forward from the current 1:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. As the state of Upper Austria informed on Saturday afternoon, the corresponding ordinance of the district administrative authority comes into force on Saturday. It is valid until August 2 inclusive.

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As the crisis team in the country told APA, the extensive first series of tests are nearing completion. Tests of up to 150 tourism employees were scheduled for Saturday. The first results should be available around 7 p.m., the rest of the results should be available on Sunday. At the same time, on Saturday between 12 noon and 3 p.m., guests could get tested at a drive-in station at the Red Cross office at the expense of the state. Here the results are expected tomorrow, Sunday. “There may have been a few vacationers,” said Wieser. In addition, there should be numerous inquiries from locals.

“Nobody has been seriously ill so far,” said Alois Lanz, the district captain of Gmunden, on Saturday in the Ö1 morning journal. “Those affected often wonder when we call them that they are ill at all.” So far, no infection has been found in any guest. “The interns all wore mouth and nose protection at work.” There is therefore only a low residual risk of catching guests. Lanz was optimistic that the infections could be narrowed down to the group of interns – they are tourism students.

“We cannot say with certainty whether the infection took place in the quarters where they live, sleep and also eat together, or whether it happened in certain restaurants.” The fact is that the sick so far are almost exclusively interns. Some of them had been in the two nightclubs “13er Haus” and “W3”. Both companies will initially remain closed over the weekend. Lanz defended in the radio interview that the interns celebrated together. “Wherever and whatever. We all liked to do that in our youth.”

As of Friday evening, according to information from the state in connection with St. Wolfgang, around 210 people were tested. All with a positive test were quarantined and contact person management was ongoing. Infections have recently affected the seven hotels Furian, Berau, Seevilla, St. Peter, Scalaria, Strandhotel St. Wolfgang and the Hotel Leopoldhof. The latter is not far from St. Wolfgang, but is geographically located in the St. Gilgen district of Ried in the state of Salzburg. Infections were also found in the area surrounding the Pizzeria Mirabella and the two nightclubs mentioned.

The country advises guests who have been in one of these tourism companies since July 17, 2020 to take a preventive look at their state of health. In the event of symptoms such as shortness of breath, sore throat, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, fever, dry cough or sudden loss of taste or smell, telephone 1450 should be contacted immediately.

At first, Wieser could not say how many interns are currently in town. However, there are no plans to preventively test or subtract interns from other houses.

Foreign Ministry staff positive after visiting Wolfgangsee

It was also announced on Friday evening that an employee in the cabinet of the State Department had tested positive for SARS-CoV2. The employee had been in private at Lake Wolfgang last weekend, a spokeswoman said on Friday evening. The infected person is in home quarantine. He is doing well according to the circumstances and also has only very slight symptoms.

As soon as the positive test result became known, the information chain was started. All contact persons had already been tested and had at least gone to home quarantine until the test result was available. Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) had no contact with the employee concerned this week, but was nevertheless tested for security reasons. So far it is unclear whether the man at the Wolfgangsee got infected or not.

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