Travel abroad: 5 passport mistakes that persist


ID card, driver’s license, passport or even the registration form? The main travel season has begun – and with it, questions about the necessary travel documents are raised at the ÖAMTC mobility club. “Right now, in difficult travel times due to the Covid19 pandemic, it is particularly important to have the right documents with you. Also against the background that the entry restrictions and regulations change again at short notice and the border controls can be strengthened “, says ÖAMTC tourist expert Maria Renner.

Passport errors in the check

1. “You no longer need personal documents for travel within the European Union.” Not correct! Travelers in the EU and also within the Schengen area must be able to identify themselves with a passport or valid ID at any time and anywhere.

2. “The driver’s license is sufficient as a travel document.” Not correct! A national driver’s license is not a valid travel document. Only documents such as a passport or identity card are accepted because they prove nationality and identity.

3. “With an expired passport you can enter and leave anywhere in the EU.” Not correct! Austria has an agreement with some countries in Europe that allows travel with a passport that has expired up to five years. B. Germany, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary. Due to the current border controls, valid travel documents should always be used. Due to the transport regulations of some airlines, passengers with an expired passport can also be refused to fly.

4. “Croatia is part of the EU, so travel documents are not checked when crossing the border.” Not correct! Croatia is part of the EU, but not part of the Schengen area. That is why there are border controls.

5. “No travel document has to be taken to neighboring Austria.” Not correct! Although they belong to the Schengen area, a passport or ID card can always be requested there and everywhere.


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