USA: Trump suddenly with a completely new look: But one question leaves everyone puzzled


US President Donald Trump is known to attach great importance to his appearance. Now he has shown himself publicly without his trademark – does that also indicate an inner change?

  • US president Donald Trump has clearly turned gray at a press appointment.
  • Now shoot Speculation into the herb, what it’s all about.
  • Now even threaten conspiracy theories to Donald Trump’s hair?

Update from July 15, 2020, 9:24 pm: More Twitter Responses to Donald Trump’s New, natural Hair color are almost exclusively positive, even if many commentators cannot resist swipes at the US President.

“Stop coloring your hair. Your hair looks a lot better. You look much less like a joke to the rest of the worldWrites a Twitter user.

“See the white hairclear
better out, but does anyone else notice how much Trump is heading towards President Snow from ‘The Triubute of Hunger Games’ goes? “, asks another.

Make America grey again”Comments another user.

“Trump’s hair looks fantastic off, ”notes another user.

So it seems as if everyone agreed for once: Trump has done everything right for once by moving away from carrot orange to natural gray.

First report from July 15, 2020, 1:08 p.m .: Washington – You shouldn’t reduce people to their external values. At a political establishment in which “My place is in Bavaria” chancellor’s favorite Markus Söder (CSU) presented with protective mask in traditional white and blue rhombus, CDU presidential candidate Friedrich Merz for a Spiegel-Cover with green tie posing and Russia’s President Wladimir Putin (at least privately) shows himself bare-chested – in this political establishment one can assume that a change in the exterior is no accident.

It is therefore permissible to speak about the hair of the US President here.

Donald Trump with a new look: is the corona pandemic to blame?

Donald Trump contributed to a recent press event in the White house his otherwise yellow-blonde hair suddenly in blond wheat. At least it seems that way. Since then the tabloid press and Twitter Head. The New York Post initially suspects that the Pandemic* just like with us 08-15 earthlings #CoronaHair could have resulted in hair that had been neglected due to the hairdresser closings, which was shown under this hashtag on Twitter.

Trump on his care program: “I let my hair air dry”

After this somewhat drawn-out explanation for President Schopf, the paper quotes from a Rolling-Stone-Interview from 2011, in which Trump revealed his “beauty routine”. Its everyday Personal care program is therefore the product of an anti-dandruff manufacturer, whose slogan has been eating into the minds of television viewers since the 1980s. “But I don’t blow dry it. I let it air dry. It takes about an hour, ”Trump informed at the time.

Gray hair at Trump: an optical illusion?

Trump* is in matters Styling debate yes used to a lot. Images of a suspected make-up rim on his neck or photo evidence of a bruising bald head were also dissected on the net. “This is probably an attempt to appear more reasonable,” tweeted one Black-Lives-Matter– Follower:

The following is an incomplete overview of Twitter’s reactions to Trump’s supposedly grayed hair:

  • He looks a lot better now.
  • He changed his hairdresser.
  • This is a optical Ilusion and is only due to the light – he is still blonde.

Trump congratulates primary election winner – Sessions are subject

It may be that Trump himself does not notice much of the whirlwind. He is currently on Twitter with the U.S. election 2020 * employed. The candidate he supported Tommy Tuberville has with the Republican primaries in Alabama probably against the former senator and ex-justice minister Jeff Sessions enforced. “He’ll be a great senator for the fantastic people of Alabama,” Trump tweeted before the official result was released.

The area code is important because on November 3, as part of the US presidential election, part of the 100 Senate seats will be filled. Trump himself wants to be re-elected to the highest office that day. Sessions, a strictly conservative Republican, was one of Trump’s closest supporters in the 2016 election campaign. Dealing with the Russia’s investigation into Trump then it came to Rift. The president would have liked his Justice Minister to protect him from the investigation, it said. Sessions declared himself to be biased and handed this task over to his deputy Rod Rosenstein – a step that Trump resented. At Trump’s request, Sessions submitted his resignation in November 2018. (frs)

* belongs to the Ippen-Digital editors network.


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