Weather in Germany: The last week of July starts changing


Updated July 25, 2020, 3:14 p.m.

Although the temperatures are rising, the weather is getting uncomfortable in some places in Germany in the last week of July. The German betting service expects showers of rain.

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The weather in Germany will be changeable and sometimes uncomfortable in the coming days, although the temperatures are rising in many regions. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects showers of rain from Schleswig-Holstein to Bavaria on Sunday, which spread to the east.

In addition to showers, thunderstorms must also be expected, and there is always sunshine. Maximum values ​​are between 19 and 25 degrees, with sun in the southwest up to 27 degrees.

Most hours of sunshine in the south

At the start of the week, the sun and clouds alternate. Most hours of sunshine are likely to be counted in the south on Monday, according to the DWD.

In the north, in particular, people have to expect showers. The maximum temperatures are between 19 and 24 degrees in the north and northwest, otherwise 25 to 31 degrees.

On Tuesday in the northwest and in the north it will change to cloudy. It is showering, partly thunderstorming rain. The sun can also be seen from time to time, the risk of thunderstorms decreases.

The temperatures in the north are between 20 degrees on the North Sea and 27 degrees inland. In the rest of the republic, the values ​​climb to 29 to 35 degrees. According to meteorologist Dominik Jung, it could even be up to 38 degrees on Tuesday:

“It will be the hottest day of 2020 so far. There’s a lot of sweating,” said weather expert Jung.

The weather in Germany in the coming days

  • Sunday: 21 to 30 degrees, more showers and thunderstorms
  • Monday: 22 to 32 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, hardly any showers
  • Tuesday: 25 to 38 degrees, temporarily extremely hot, especially in the southwest, sometimes showers and thunderstorms
  • Wednesday: 19 to 31 degrees, cooler again, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds, thunderstorms
  • Thursday: 18 to 28 degrees, still summerly warm, few showers
  • Friday: 19 to 32 degrees, slightly changeable with thunderstorms, but quite warm

(Dpa / properly)

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