Weather: Winter forecast 2020 for Germany is anything but normal


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The first forecasts for the next winter are here. The US weather service NOAA and the European weather service have published a first trend.

  • The first forecasts for winter 2020/21 are in mid-July.
  • The forecasts clearly show a trend.
  • Is there a strong onset of winter in December? Is snow falling soon?

Munich – In the middle of midsummer there is already two weather models for winter 2020/21. The US Weather Authority NOAA and the European weather service have published their first winter trends.

Summer 2020 may have disappointed some so far. A look at the winter weather might come in handy. Graduate meterologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met provides the two Weather models in front. You give one each Forecast for the average temperature and for that average rainfall. However, the European Weather Service only provides data for December 2020, while the US Weather Agency already provides forecasts for January and February 2021.

Weather in Germany: Little hope for a normal winter 2020/2021

There is no hope of a “normal” winter in either forecast. Nevertheless, at least in Germany Winter not as warm as the last one. With a Average temperature of 4.2 degrees he was the second warmest since records started. The normal one average is included for Germany 0.2 Degree Celsius*.

As expected, corona-related fasting in traffic and travel in the first half of the year did not have a major impact on weather and climate. Of the European weather service expected for too 2020/2021 Another warm December, with an average temperature about one degree Celsius above normal.

Weather in winter 2020/2021: gloomy outlook for white Christmas

Even the rain that has been welcomed by farmers in almost every season now remains after these first Projections probably from. December should therefore be rather dry, Jung interprets the weather service data.

Nothing speaks for white people Christmas. Since it is probably better to hope for the accuracy of the US Weather Authority NOAA to put. The forecast for Germany is roughly the same Temperatures like the European Weather Agency, but: According to your calculations, it is clear Precipitation from. So rain in December – or snow? At least in the higher altitudes, it could work with the white splendor this year, comments Jung, who already had a clear answer to the high expectations of the Germans regarding the current summer.

Winter in Germany 2020/2021: Weather expert critically assesses weather service forecasts

January and February should be loud NOAA become even colder and dry. Jung puts this into perspective Forecasts but carefully. Actually, it was still too early to give up scientifically sound trends. He also points out that American forecasts are recalculated several times a day. “There are funny jumps in one direction or the other,” says Jung.

All that remains is to let winter come when it comes and to enjoy every beautiful summer moment that the weather gives us – even if summer is about to take a break again.

Video – Weather forecast for Bavaria: Summer prevails

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