Why are you leaving SC Freiburg, Mike Frantz? – Sc freiburg


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                                Some teammates at the sports club were shocked by the transfer of Captain Mike Frantz to Hanover.  In the interview, he explains his decision - and promises a return.




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                                    BZ: Mr. Frantz, the announcement of your departure came as a surprise.  Many fans are sad that you are leaving.  But nobody seems angry with you about it.<br/>Frantz: I'm very pleased.  The SC and I split up in an absolutely positive relationship.  There is no kicking or anything, on the contrary.  This is not a matter of course in this business.  It is unusual that the sports club allows me to take the next step.<br/>Mike Frantz

The trained painter and painter was born and raised in Saarbrcken. The 33-year-old made the leap to become a professional at 1. FC Nrnberg in 2008 with 1. FC Saarbrcken, with whom he was promoted to the first Bundesliga in his first season. In the summer of 2014 Frantz moved to SC Freiburg, where he was elected to the team captain for the 2018/2019 season as the successor to Julian Schuster.

BZ: Why did you think about taking this step? After all, your contract with the SC ran until summer 2021.
Frantz: I am an ambitious person and my goal is to always be on the pitch …



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